Persuasive Speech On Volunteering

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I. For your information, volunteering is where, we are willing to do something without get any force from anyone else. II. Nowadays, young generation has realized that, being volunteering in any type of event it can give them a lot of benefit. A. According to my survey, half of my classmate had participated in volunteering services. III. From volunteering, you can increase your humanity sense, can easily connect with others people, can easily build your self-confidence and also can gain more experience. IV. It is my believe that, charity event is very synonym with a volunteering services. V. After doing and extensive research and observation, I have realized that volunteerism is not only occur when you take part in the event, but helping people in need anywhere and everywhere also can be considered as volunteer. VI. So today, I hope to persuade each of you to take a part as volunteer in any kind of situation. VII. Because, by being a part as a volunteer, it can increase your socialization yet it can make you physical and mental health more better and can improve your career level. (Transition: Ladies and gentleman, let’s move to my first main point.) Body I. Nowadays, as a students like us, we often to have problems socializing. A. In the form of our development as a student, socialization is very important. 1. Me as student found that it is hard to connect with others and make a new friends with new people outside our social normal groups. Is it true? 2. Actually,

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