Persuasive Speech: The Benefits Of Community Service

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It 's a hot a sunny day and also the first day of high school for 14 year old Audrey Wells. She walks past the local soup kitchen and sees volunteers inside laughing and having fun, wishing she had something like that she continued on her walk to school. As she enters her class her teacher says that he requires 10 community service hours per quarter to get a passing grade. He also says that there are many benefits to community service such as, getting teens out of their homes, giving adolescence a feel of the real world and, and providing students with chances to meet people outside of school that would get to personally know us. In the future all these things will be very beneficial to these students everyday lives. Furthermore, 100 community service hours should be a requirement for high school graduation. Since many teens already have a lot on their plates with homework and extracurricular activities they often put themselves first above helping others. Also, many teens spend their weekends locked up in their rooms or just watching tv all day, they could do something very productive with the time they are wasting. With this in mind, community service not only helps your community but it helps get students out of their houses. Take, for instance,Habitat for humanity a nonprofit agency that builds home for people in poverty. THis agency is mostly run by volunteers and recently added a youthbuild to get children involved and volunteering. For example,in an article by

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