Persuasive Speech: Life After Prison

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Specific Purpose Statement: To invite my audience to see the different viewpoints involved with life after prison in the U.S.
Thesis: Those who were once in incarceration live with the title of being a former convict the rest of their life. I wish to explore their lives after incarceration and I hope to find the differing opinions some of you may have on those that have re-joined our community.
Pattern of Organization: Multiple Perspective Pattern

[Attention-Getter] How would you feel knowing you were standing behind a convict in line at a grocery store? Would it make you scared? Uncomfortable? Would you consider going to a different line or shopping elsewhere?
It is hard for some to move past the idea that a person did …show more content…

James, Domonique, and Michael.
Verrill Farm is partners with a local prison to allow inmates to work in our store for their final year before they are free. This allows them to earn money and get back on track before they return home.
These men would work 8 plus hours a day, multiple days a week, and at the end of their shift return to the prison.
After working with these men for months, you begin to look past the societal mask they are forced to wear due to their past mistakes, and begin to see them as real genuine people.
[Thesis and Preview] Life after prison affects all realms of a community. Through the process of leaving prison, to jobs, and to living conditions, I hope we have a better understanding on life after incarceration from this speech.

Signpost: Before I start, I must remind everyone that this is no Shawshank Redemption:Andy Dufresne (“IMDb”, 1994) story… this is real life.

Body I would like to first touch on what life after prison means. If earned parole, which is to leave prison before the full serving is complete, ex-inmates must acquire a parole

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