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  • Professionalism In Corrections

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    the workplace, both colleagues and clients” (2013). In the field of corrections, professionalism affects not only those working in the facility or those imprisoned within its walls, but the families of inmates and officers /correctional staff, the local community, and the relationships within the law enforcement community as well. As discussed in the text, there are several areas in which professionalism in the field of corrections must address to effectively maintain if’s facilities. While there

  • Police Corruption In Corrections

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    for special considerations, protecting illegal prison activities or even extortion of an inmate and/or mistreatment by staff for self-interest (Williams & Arrigo, 2012). What can be recognized and understood is that neither law enforcement nor corrections pay exceptionally well, which in turn leads to the staff being easily influenced to behave

  • Essay On Community Corrections

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    role of community corrections to address the needs of special populations. Community corrections are a vital piece to the punishment phase of rulings in court. There is not actual distinction of what community corrections is, but it is essentially a way for someone to serve their time in another fashion than prison or jail. This is usually only a form of punishment that will be offered to first time offenders or to people who commit a lower level crime. By using community corrections to criminals it

  • Substantive Issues In Corrections

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    According to Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice by Richard P. Seiter, substantive issues are characterized as those that are a piece of the learning particular to the training and profession of corrections. These issues may incorporate discovery approaches to extend spending dollars without decreasing open security, how to manage packed penitentiaries, and how to oversee detainees who are serving to a great degree of long terms. Correctional administrators must manage grouping

  • Summary Of Correction Acadeny

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    You have nearly 20 years in Corrections BUT the difference is both you and I are well aware what goes on behind those walls. It 's been long a known fact Corrections is the bastard child of law enforcement and Civil Service. If this book would 've been penned by an officer who has had a modicum of experience, let 's say 3 to 5 years of service, I believe the point of view would have been more plausible. If you took note of my critique of this writer you would have understood the position I 've taken

  • Probation Vs Community Corrections

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    When I hear the term community corrections, I think of the different kinds of probations, or community service. I see probation as a form of punishment and a means to help someone from facing a time in jail. I understand that we use probation to give someone an opportunity to reform, a second chance. However, community service is a lesser punishment and utilized by allowing an offender to give back to his community by doing good work, instead of spending time in jail or being on a long extensive

  • Four Primary Goals Of Corrections

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    Michael Brown Has The Corrections System Maintained Their Goal of Fair Punishment and Community Protection Over the Last 10-20 years? Prof. Wright Corrections 101 March 29, 2018 In the criminal justice system, corrections is defined as the function responsible for the punishment, treatment and supervision of people who have been convicted of a crime. The correctional system serves four primary purposes which include: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation. Each of these

  • Juvenile Groups In Corrections

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    America, the country with the highest rate of incarceration in the world, has its fair share of issues with in the system made to rehabilitate its prisoners. The issues involved within this system run deep and are often found to be a direct issue with how the system is formed. Although it wasn’t always this way, juveniles are treated separate in the eyes of the court and receive separate services from the rest of the jail and prison population. This new system often referred to as the Juvenile system

  • Burn Out In Corrections

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    Introduction There are many types of stressor dealing with corrections and policing. Officers of these two jobs can be exposed to a tremendous amount of stress while on and off his or her job. Having job stress is very common in not only corrections and policing, but other jobs as well. Corrections officers and police officers have a wide range of stress that can be considered mild, which means the stressor can be solved or fixed very easily, or severe, which mean the stressor is causing too much

  • Corrections Chapter 11 Analysis

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    Chapter 11 talked about the goals of of corrections. These goals included Retribution, Incapacitation, Deterrence, and Rehabilitation. Each of these goals contribute to the corrections of juveniles. Incapacitation is when the offender is locked away, not allowing them to be in society minimizing them committing any type of crime. Retribution also now as dessert is when the offender is punished for their criminal acts. Deterrence is done to show and minimize delinquent behavior; showing them the

  • Community Corrections Affects Prisons And Prison

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    Community corrections were introduced in the 1970’s and provide sanction programs designed to decrease on jail or prison incarceration rates. It is a range of alternative punishments for nonviolent offenders. This program was referred to as front end sentencing because they allowed judges to sentence offenders to a community based punishment rather than jail or prison. Community corrections are starting to affect our prisons and jail houses in many ways. One of the ways community corrections affects

  • Mental Health Issues In Adult Corrections

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    to the mental health state, are often not considered but play a major role in the decision making process for any person suffering from a mental health illness (Juszkiewics & Schindler, 2001. Previous efforts made in attempt to revise juveniles corrections did not take into consideration any of these factors which contribute to the fallacies located in them. From this point further legislation aimed at reducing the number of juveniles residing in adult correctional facilities need to take into consideration

  • A Brief Note On Bexar County Community Supervision And Correction

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    The Bexar County Community Supervision and Correction Department is the location I spent doing my internship this past fall. During my academic career at The University of Texas at San Antonio I was preparing for my exit and ultimately my career opportunities that would be offered or sought after my graduation. While attending UTSA I was fortunate enough to receive an in depth perception of the many job fields that majoring in Criminal Justice offers. Overall I was satisfied with the academic preparation

  • Ethics In Corrections

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    critical moments. Ethics is particularly important for those who are in a position of power in corrections, as these individuals have the greatest influence over their employees. Officers in correctional facilities make extremely critical decisions every day and their choices have a profound effect on lives. It is therefore imperative that these men and women do what is right and are free of biases. Corrections professionals must have character and exemplify good ethical conduct. These professionals

  • Recidivism In Corrections

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    By definition, corrections are the variety of programs, services, facilities, and organizations responsible for the management of individuals who have been accused or convicted of criminal offenses (Clear 11). Yet, looking at what prisons are giving inmates today, it seems that this definition is not being upheld. There has been a lack of funding towards new programs that could prevent inmates from returning to prison, and the result is an increase in recidivism in prisons all over the United States

  • Sentencing In Corrections

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    TITLE OR PURPOSE An effort to retroactivly change the current system of corrections in revielence to non-violent drug offenses. MAJOR AREAS TO BE AFFECTED The largest area to be affected is the present system of sentencing that has been set up for non-violent drug offenses by the Department of Justice and the Department of Corrections. JUSTIFICATION Today, the average federal prison is overcrowed by 36 percent. In 2013, the total federal prison system had a capacity rated to hold 132,221 inmates

  • Comparing The Oregon Department Of Corrections And The Norwegian Correction Service

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    between the Oregon Department of Corrections and the Norwegian Correction Service is the focus. In Norwegian, their primary focus is on rehabilitation. They say that the punishment is a restriction of liberty, and no other rights have been removed by the courts. Offenders are placed on the lowest possible security regime, and during this sentence, their life inside will resemble as much as their life outside. These values and policies that the Norwegian Correction Service uses are less severe than

  • Ethical Issues In Corrections

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    There is no way you can expect to properly perform your duty if your behavior is unethical itself. Corrections officers who are found to be in violation of the code, or any of its provisions, are sanctioned accordingly. Gross violations have harsher punishments, not excluding forced resignation or dismissal (usually for administrative cases), and court action

  • Recidivism In Community Corrections

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    high risk offenders and whether it would be beneficial for Community Corrections departments to implement evidence-based programs in the case management of these offenders. To obtain data for this report I referred to government and professional publications; I also conducted various interviews with individuals who are knowledgeable of these practices. This report addresses whether certain programs used in community corrections are an effective practice for the medium to high risk criminal population

  • Summary Of Private Prisons Career Correctional Administrator And Academic By Richard P. Seiter

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    everyday. With the increase of violence, the inmate population grows and locations of incarcerating inmates are rising as well. In his article, Private prisons, career correctional administrator and academic, Richard P. Seiter argues that the private corrections care about the well being of inmate not about making profit off the enormous populus incarcerated. Richard P. Seiter is a career Correctional Administrator. Mr. Seiter served as a Warden at two federal prisons, Federal Prison Camp in Allenwood,