My Responsibility To America Essay

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My Responsibility to America In America, we are given freedoms and our basic human rights. To make sure these freedoms such as free speech are kept, we as Americans have responsibilities to America. Whether it be in our everyday lives serving in our community or special occasions when serving on a jury, Americans are held to these responsibilities to keep the United States to the standard that it always is. Our basic responsibilities are to pay taxes and vote in elections, however, they extend far greater than those. One of the many actions that keep our nation going, that is often overlooked, is community service. Often times community service is required in school and in jobs encouraging people to be excited to help out. Other times, people …show more content…

However, it is easy enough to respect others even if two people do not get along. I think a small responsibility to America that makes a big difference is to respect others in their opinions, beliefs, and ways of life. There are so many different people and without respect, no one would get along and there would always be conflict. It is always better to hear others out and go on living with integrity. Respect is not only given to our neighbors but especially to those who serve and have served. These brave men and women are who keep this country going and carry one of the biggest responsibilities to America, serving in the military. So, it is easy enough for us to respect and honor them in every way possible. My right to America is to be respectful of my peers and elders as well as showing extra respect to those who serve and have served. Growing up in an amazing country like the United States makes many of us proud, and want to do whatever we can to give back. Many of the responsibilities asked of us are not that hard and can only take a few minutes or a simple smile to a stranger. I am an American, proud of my country and everything it has provided for me. So my main responsibility is to say thank you through community service, being educated, voting, and most importantly respecting the people that allow me to live in such a great

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