Examples Of My Responsibility To America Essay

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My Responsibility to America “Radical changes in the world of politics leave America with a heightened responsibility to be, for the world, an example of a genuinely free, democratic, just and humane society.”- Pope John Paul II. To more appreciate the freedom that you have in this amazing country, just think of all the men and women who have willingly gone into combat to fight for you and your country. People that I do not even know are out on the front lines fighting for my freedom. With all freedom comes accountability. It is easy for myself and everyone else to take for granted the fact that America is a free country, but as best as I possibly can, I will uphold the culpability given to me, to help the country in any way possible. Imagine a country where everyone used their freedoms and abilities to better our country and mankind in general. It is amazing to think what the outcome would be with the participation of all Americans using their freedoms and rights to help others, our government, and our country. When I examine our …show more content…

All of these wonderful freedoms are given to us so that we can live in a country that is truly free. My responsibility to America is to practice my given duties as a citizen, use my freedoms for good and not for evil, and use any of my abilities for the good of my country, helping in any way possible. I should vote in elections. It is something that other countries do not have the privilege of doing. I should respect others, listening to their opinions and ideas, and not condemning them. I should use my freedoms properly, not for the benefit of myself only, but for the benefit of my country as a whole. I should use any skills that I may have in a way that can be of help to those in need. And most importantly, I should practice my freedom of religion as a way to spread God’s Word throughout the nation, leading as many people to Him as I possibly can. This is my responsibility to

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