National Junior Honor Society Essay Examples

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Essay of Intent I deserve to be part of the National Junior Honor Society for many reasons. To begin with I deserve to be in National Junior Honor Society because of my skills as a leader. Additionally, I have a very strong character, and able to work well in a team. Finally, I am willing to give back to the people in need and honoring my country. To wrap it all up, I deserve to be in National Junior Honor Society because of my strong character, my leadership skills, my strength in working in a team, my willingness to help people in need, and for honoring our country. The first reason why I should be in National Junior Honor Society is because of my leadership skills. The first example of my leadership skills are applied to my youth group in the Cecilton Parish. I am the treasurer and help with the Ideas for fundraising. We, as a group held a spaghetti dinner for the church and I managed the money and the setting. Pursuing this further, I actively show leadership in school. I am very active in the classroom environment. I love to lead the groups and help organize when and what needs to be done in a project. I also help the group stay on task and help them when they need it. One final example of my leadership, is seen in the after school …show more content…

I have leadership skills that are portrayed at school, at church and at after school activities. I also should be in it because of my strong character and how I can work in a team. I have never gotten a MRI or an ODR, always thinking about helping others and cheering them up. Also I try to be a good influence on everyone by behaving and being gentle. Also, I like helping my team and treating everyone equally. Finally, I help everyone I can and I honor the country. I show these attributes by doing community work, helping out my family and developing my own opinions on political

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