National Honor Society Application Letter Sample

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Dear the National Honor Society selection committee, Thank you for the great honor of being invited to apply for membership to such a well-respected and incredible organization. I am very excited about this opportunity as it presents an optimal way in which to further my passion of expanding my mind and bettering my community. Since I entered high school, I have pursued this by taking all honors classes and any Advanced Placement classes offered to me each year. Although sometimes I was not always entirely sure what to expect walking into each class, and of course there have been classes I like more than others, there is no class I regret taking because each and every one has opened my mind up to a new way of thinking. For instance, after…show more content…
Every week I spend time at the Morristown Medical Center as a volunteer, where I am able to help keep things functioning in the hospital at the highest speed possible and hopefully brighten a few patients’ days. Also, I’ve enjoyed helping refereeing youth basketball games for the past two seasons and being able to talk with the kids. It is a great opportunity to give back to a program which gave me so much in the five years I played in it when I was younger. Furthermore, I am excited for even more opportunities to have an impact on my community which being a part of National Honor Society would aid in. Moreover, I have worked very hard throughout high school to better myself and those around me in the many ways mentioned above. I also serve as a role model, both inside the classroom and out, by pushing myself to accomplish goals even I do not always believe I could, always respecting others and listening attentively to the opinions of people around me, and making an effort to enrich the lives of others. I am hopeful the National Honor Society will help me develop this further, and thank you for taking hte time to read my application.
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