Statement Of Purpose: Glidden-Ralston National Honor Society

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Drew Olberding I am honored to be among the representing students who are being considered for the Glidden-Ralston National Honor Society. During my life there has been some obstacles and gaps in our community. Everyone is limited to their surroundings and react bad to the things we don’t understand sometimes. Since my life has not been simple, it has developed my character and given me the opportunity to be on National Honor Society. National Honor Society is a great organization that recognizes the outstanding high school students. Glidden-Ralston has a great National Honor Society organization, and it would be a huge honor to be a part of. National Honor Society resembles scholarship, service, leadership, and character, and I believe that I have all of these qualities and would surely represent Glidden- Ralston National Honor Society. The first element of National Honor Society is scholarship. Education is a big part of my life. In order to be as educated as I can be, and be prepared for my future, I have to take school seriously. In order to get good jobs, or the ones I really want, you must get a college degree. School is the framework of my life and should be taken seriously. I’ve worked my hardest …show more content…

My character shows who I am as a person, and affects how I get treated by others. Character defines you as a person. I try to have the greatest character that I can have because, having bad character doesn’t only look bad on you, but also on your school and community. Here at Glidden-Ralston we have the Golden Rule, which states; treat others as you would want to be treated. I treat my teachers, friends, classmates, community, and teammates with as much respect as I can. Having a good character will get you far in life, and make life so much simpler. I believe I have a great relationship with coaches, classmates, teachers, teammates, friends, and people in the community because of my great

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