National Honor Society Principles

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The National Honor Society is built upon four founding principles: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. I have a high school life filled with dedication to these four principles on the Spiritual standpoint, the Familial level, the Community level and finally at the National level. Moreover, I did begin my dedication to these same four principles even before this starting with the Boy Scouts of America and this commitment will continue along with having a rich future when I reach my fullest potential. I firmly believe that to have academic excellence is giving your best effort to maintain not just having straight As and a high GPA at or close to the edge of attaining a 4.0, but to also have the skills that help you perform your very best in college and beyond. To recap, it is having a well-rounded education with just the right academics and activities best suited to your …show more content…

This definition of Leadership is best restated by my very own father “A person can demonstrate leadership skills even when not in a leadership position.” Throughout my high school years so far, I have demonstrated leadership mostly in the field of Boy Scouting in two different Troops. I started out my leadership trail in Boy Scouting by becoming a Troop Scribe who as per se the Boy Scout Handbook, 2016 Edition “The Scribe attends and keeps a log of patrol leaders’ council meetings. He records attendance and dues payments of all troop members and records advancement in troop records and on the troop advancement chart.” After that, I ascended into becoming a Patrol Leader and then acting as a Senior Patrol Leader, the highest youth leader of the troop, handling all patrols’ affairs and coordinating with the Scoutmaster for advice and consent. Upon becoming an Eagle Scout, I may plan to stay in Scouting by advancing as an Assistant

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