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There are many reasons I believe I should be inducted into National Honors Society. First, I maintain an A grade average. Second, I am a leader in my school and community. Third, I am very active with actives in and out of school. These are all great qualities to have. Maintaining good grades is very important to me. I study a couple of nights a week for quizzes and tests. If you don’t have decent grades you won’t get into college. Even now in high school you won’t be able to precipitate in clubs like NHS if you don’t maintain a certain average. Like I said if you want to further your education after high school good grades now are a key factor. I am a “leader” many ways in and out of school. In school I am in Environmental, Interact, Journalism, Elementary Connections, and Student Council clubs. I also hold offices in three of these clubs. I am Vice President of Student Council and Secretary in both Journalism and Environmental clubs. I am also involved with Youth Leadership; we go on monthly field trips around the county to learn about leadership roles in the community. Within all these clubs we volunteer in the community throughout the years, like the Chapman Township Haunted House we do for the community every year. In the summer I also participate in the Saint Joe’s Festival, which is held by the church I’m a member of. I usually help run the game stations. …show more content…

I’ve been a dancer at Rachael’s Dance Studio for about eleven years. I also cheer for the Bucktail football team. Being apart of any team you have leadership responsibilities to face. Job wise outside of school I have two, I wash dishes and cook at Pat Reeder’s Tavern on the weekends and work at the Service Garage in North Bend. Both these jobs have taught me so much, things I never gave a thought about until it hit me. Also these roles have helped me learn how to interact with people on a daily

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