Link Crew Leadership Report

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Throughout my high school career, I have taken opportunities to be an active community member through community service. Service that I have participated in has given me experience being a mentor and educator. As a link Crew leader, I volunteered my time to help the incoming freshmen in my community/ school district assimilate into their new environment. I went to training, followed a link crew curriculum, guided them in activities, offered advice, and served as a role model for the students. I helped them feel welcome and prepared to take on high school. I was involved in this for 2 years, my junior and senior year for a total of 18 hours. Another time I served my community was when I dedicated my time to teaching elementary students in my …show more content…

These projects granted me invaluable experiences and lessons. Being a link crew leader allowed me to see what it was like to be a mentor- as I soon became one. I spent time learning how to accommodate students and gathered advice by reflecting on past experiences I had as a high schooler. This led me to make much more meaning of my experiences and utilize them to help others. I walked my group of freshmen through a series of activities and I tied those activities with real life scenarios so that I better prepared them for their upcoming journey. Fall on the Farm and Ag Awareness allowed me to educate the children in my community and make them more aware of their agricultural town. It is important that people grow to learn about their surroundings and their community so this was a perfect opportunity. As I educated the students, I was also educating myself. I began to grasp the concept of a bigger picture- of a broader perspective of the community. I learned that by engaging with the community, there is more unity, and teaching the children of that community strengthens it. Participating in this event for two years sparked excitement into my life. This is because surrounding myself with children and seeing their enthusiasm encourages me to inspire every individual I meet, and educate/advocate for every child I come across in my

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