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Jadeyn Schutt
National Honor Society Essay Leadership is a very important quality that I value and strive to live out in my every day life through athletics and academics. One way that I lead through athletics is serving as our volleyball team’s floor captain. That means that I am responsible for my team’s conduct and communicating with the officials. As the setter, I have the ability to lead my teammates through constant encouragement and positive actions. By improving each contact into a hittable ball, I am able to set my teammates up for success. An opportunity that I was able to lead off the court was by hosting a team meal at my house before senior night. We were able to bond during this night together. I also organized the senior
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My favorite act of service that I have ever done was through the school’s project based learning. I had heard that the NWC Men’s Basketball Team was building a house a Haitian family who’s house had collapsed with all their belongings. I then contacted the men’s basketball coach asking if my group and I could raise money to buy items for their house. We organized a traditional bake sale, as well as an online bake sale, to raise money for the family. In the midst of baking 40 dozen cookies and 38 dozen cupcakes, I was coordinating with a missionary in Haiti, Krisie Mompremier, who knew what the family needed most. After countless hours of baking, my group and I were able to raise $1250 which we used to purchase basketball hoops, plates, beds, silverware, cups, schooling for the children, and uniforms. Although we were not able to directly deliver these goods to the family ourselves, we were able to see pictures that were equally rewarding. Their faces and gratitude made the many nights of little sleep well worth…show more content…
One thing I always try to do is volunteer in my church when they need help, which often times takes many forms. Sometimes I will serve coffee before church or watch children in the nursery. Other times I serve or prepare meals for college students to eat after third service. Occassionally, we will have cookie sign ups where you make a couple dozen cookies and then deliver them to new families in our church As I see the example of those older than me, I try to recreate that for those younger than
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