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Community service does not only have a profound impact on our community, but the impact it has on the individual people is even greater. The concept of community service has always been something that I grew up with, and now that I am older I better understand how important community service is for society. I have participated in community service activities. Starting in elementary school, I helped feed the homeless and rescue animals. Even with my wide range of volunteer experience, it was difficult to find an activity that would be meaningful and fulfill my thirty-hour obligation for my senior project. Despite the many community service opportunities available, it was hard to find one that really resonated with me. Originally, I wanted to volunteer with the Inderkum Jr. Tiger (IJT) football program. The IJT program is something that I near and dear to my heart. I played…show more content…
Christmas plays a huge role in every kid’s childhood, but not every kid is fortunate enough to have one. No matter what situation my family has been in I was always fortunate to wake up Christmas morning to gift under the tree, but now I understand that Christmas is not about what you get, but about what you are able to give back. To play a part in something as beautiful as in helping a kid have a better childhood really touched my heart and helped me see past the material things in life. Often people take for granted that they have gifts under the tree, or the luxury of having an iPhone, or nice clothes, but never stop to realize that there are people in the same community that don’t even have the luxury of waking up to a hot meal or clean clothes to wear. I can see, that a small personal gift under the tree can bring joy to a kid’s life, but it is also much more. And community services is much more, it is about taking small steps to bridge the gaps in society and create a caring community that takes care of one

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