Toys For Tots

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This semester in my English class I was assigned a service essay, which is where we students go out and pick some sort of community service and participate in the one chosen, of course after being approved by our instructor. We were informed of this essay from the start of the class, I ended up participation in two community services. The first one I did was I went down to the Young at Heart Senior Center here and town and just helped out around the center and visited with all the attendants. The second one I participated in was the Toys for Tots or Toys for Kids fundraiser. Out of these two I happened to find the Toys for Tots fundraiser more interesting and easier to write about. The Toys for Tots fundraiser is a pretty cool organization, they get together and parents that aren 't as well off as others come in and sign their …show more content…

I think the best thing I have learned and seen is the way our community comes together to support the families in our community that are not as fortunate as some other families. It really makes you feel better as a person that you can help kids have a better Christmas that they originally expect. To a lot of people they don 't think that this fundraiser really serves a purpose but seeing how grateful the parents are for this organization is surreal, I can only imagine what the kids feel like when they wake up Christmas morning to more than they expected. I 've also learned that for most of my years I have taken a lot for granted given that I grew up in a more well off family that hasn 't ever had too big of issues giving us the Christmas we had wanted. So now that I see the struggles some families go through it definitely has opened my eyes and made me want to have some sort of impact to better someone else 's Christmas, just off of the fact that it is selfish that I thought for so many years that everyone had as good as a Christmas as I have had over the

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