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Within the school system I have been in leadership positions for longer than I can remember. First in my extracurricular activities, I have been a varsity soccer captain for all four years, and a dance captain in show choir for two years. Through these roles I was able to lead by example, always displaying hard work and a positive attitude. In this way I was able to encourage my teammates to perform to the best of their abilities, whatever that may be, at all times. Under my and my peers' leadership, the soccer team went from winning one game in the past six years to having three consecutive seasons winning over half of the games and show choir has won four grand champions in the small school division. I also have been Vice President …show more content…

Through junior and senior year I have donated over 150 hours of community service. These activities include but are not excluded to being a teacher's aid, running concession stands, helping with the Red Cross blood drive, and tutoring my peers. This service has made me feel more connected to my community in getting to know others and creating connections to better assist in the future. It is of the utmost importance to get peers involved as well which is why I am proud to say I have had the opportunity to get quite a few friends involved in CHS and now enjoy serving with them. Getting involved in the community however, has also shown me that there are fundamental issues in society that we need to strive together to fix. As a woman going into STEM I have already been met with adversity discussing my major with others in the community and this has opened my eyes to the issues minorities face all over the country and world. The YWCA provides resources and support to these groups in a peaceful manner that encourages love over hate. I would like to continue this attitude in college by bringing awareness to the unjust numbers of women in STEM and in other areas as well by using my voice to create change. In this way I hope to encourage other women that they are not limited by society's pressures and that there are others out there just like them. In forming connections like this, we can begin to make a difference stepping in the right direction towards equality and fairness for every human

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