Big 33 Scholarship

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As a student of the DuBois Area High School, I think I have the motivation and academic accomplishments needed to receive the Big 33 Scholarship. My family is also in a tight budget so they can provide for my sister and me. My father currently works at DuBois Logistics as a laborer while my mother works at a Sheetz as a salesperson. I also work at a Sheetz in order to save money for college in the future and any other financial needs. As a student, I participate in many clubs and extracirricular activities to promote myself as a positive leader or influence to others. I always maintain an A gradepoint average so I will have better chances for college and other future educational needs. I participate in National Honor Society, Peer Mediation, and Reading Team for clubs. In National Honor Society, we are prepared for leadership and a general lifelong success. In Peer Mediation we promote the idea of problem solving with the process of doing so by putting peers together. The Reading Team is a organization in which we get together and read books and later go on to compete against other schools. Other than participatie in school activities, I help out with my community. Through National Honor Society, we are able to find more ways to help with the …show more content…

Camp Friendship is a camp associated with the Arc. At this camp, I was a counselor for a child who had a mental disability. My camper definitely enjoyed his week there because I made sure he was having fun. Since I was able to do this we became friends and we both share the memory of doing so. The other camp I participated in was a diabetic camp held at Camp Soles. Here I was a counselor in training and I helped watch over my campers for a week. My job was to also keep track of their blood sugars and to always keep them safe while they still had fun. As a diabetic, I had better knowledge as to how to assist them with any problems they

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