Why Students Should Be Involved In Extracurricular Activities

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Why students should be involved in extracurricular activities
Extracurricular activities can range from a variety of things such as sports, clubs, or hobbies that are participated in by a group of peers. Activities like these have many perks but also may contain cons depending on the person and how much effort they are willing to put in to what they do. Overall students that participate in extracurricular activities will have a better outlook in real world situations than students who don 't participate in anything.
Extracurricular activities have many pros that can improve the development of students throughout their schooling years. They teach life skills such as time management. Time management is important to have because it helps get work done more efficiently and is a way to manage your priorities. Priorities along with making commitments are also learned from participating in a extra activity. Students learn how to prioritize their work when in activities while also finding a balance of everything else going on in their life; commitment is also learned but showing that a student needs to be 100% involved to put in their best effort to whatever they choose to do and to be be successful doing it. “Various research studies have lined participation in student activities to higher math and english grades, improved grades and homework completion, better performance on math, reading and science test, and an increased likelihood of applying to college” (Annemarie Mannion).

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