Scholarship Of National Honor Society

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Madyson O’Shana Scholarship Scholarship is defined as the “academic study or achievement at a high level”. Some people think of it as just an allotment of money that a school grants you, but it not just that. Scholarship has a deeper meaning. Being a scholar is not just about having great grades, but doing everything to the best of your ability and constantly working hard. Scholarship is one of the factors that National Honor Society prides itself on because this allows them to pick members who are driven, have ambition, and goals they would like to reach. These students volunteer throughout the school and outside of the school. These students participate in extra- curricular activities and maintain an average of 88 or above. NHS students not only want to better …show more content…

To many this is a clear definition of a scholar. These are just a few reasons why you are sitting before us and the opportunity to become a great leader. Congratulations to you all and keep striving to better yourself every

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