National Junior Honor Society Induction Speech Analysis

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Speech for NJHS Induction Ceremony Good evening students, faculty, and family members! Thank you, Mrs. Reece and Principal King, for inviting me to this year’s National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony. Students, tonight we honor your achievements in the areas of Scholarship, Citizenship, Responsibility, Community Service, Character, and Leadership as we recognize and celebrate the choices, and at times the sacrifices, you have made. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." You each have already done a lot, with many great things to come, so tonight we take a moment and appreciate your accomplishments and your potential! So, inductees, stand up and let us recognize you! We are proud! You are an …show more content…

However, I challenge you to avoid resting on your laurels and instead to keep striving to achieve even loftier goals. Right now, you have no idea, you can’t even begin to imagine, what you are ultimately capable of accomplishing. Dream big, imagine, challenge, push boundaries, never settle, never give up. Dream big. Then dream bigger. Dream big and then dream bigger because Scholarship can be much more than just getting straight A's. It can be a life-long love of learning that makes your experience of the world richer, more satisfying, and more productive. Dream big and then dream bigger because Citizenship can be more than being part of the greatest nation on Earth. It can be an opportunity to forge the future by voting, volunteering, and connecting globally. Dream big and then dream bigger because Responsibility can be more than simply doing the right thing. It can mean sticking to your principles to resist an easier, but less righteous path. Dream big and then dream bigger because Community Service can be much more than lending a helping hand. It can be a creative and timely solution to a serious

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