Kappa Delta Rho Case Study

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Of all the experiences I have had at Christopher Newport University, I believe that deciding to rush the Beta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho was and WILL be one of the best decisions I have made. Given the premise of this decision, I would like to emphasize some of the things that have enlightened me within the pledge process. Through the process of completing the paddle signatures required, I have met many gentlemen… who I am honored to soon be able to call my brothers. The tasks, interactions, and time spent with these brothers have been a very valuable aspect of more deeply engraining my connection to the Fraternity as well as its members. Additionally, I would like to highlight that the diversity of these paddle signatures has shown me…show more content…
I have been very committed to community service through three service organizations at my high school and I was quite eager when I discovered that Kappa Delta Rho is an organization committed to service without recognition. Through delivering food for Food Fighters and the cleaning of the Noland Trail amongst my pledge brothers, I have been introduced to Kappa Delta Rho’s vision of service to which I will be committed to upholding in my membership within the…show more content…
While we have grown together as a pledge class, we have learned that although the pledge process requires commitment and a lot of extra time, it has built us significantly. Our time-management skills have improved as a necessity in the context of our own maturity. Through these moments I am proud to justify that we will soon be members of an organization larger than us. This bestowal placed upon us is an outstanding privilege we shall not take for granted and celebrate respectfully. I am honored to say you have all changed me for the better. I believe that you will all be valuable additions to the Beta Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta Rho here at Christopher Newport University. You have become more than my friends; you have become my

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