Why I Want To Be An Alpha Essay

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“The chief significance of Alpha Phi Alpha lies in its purpose to stimulate, develop, and cement an intelligent, trained leadership in the unending fight for freedom, equality, and fraternity. Our task is endless.” Jewel Henry Arthur Callis. Since its founding Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has remained loyal to its ideal of providing advocacy for its community. Becoming an Alpha is a life time goal of mine. I would like to become an Alpha because of encounters with other Alpha men, the correlation of Alpha Phi Alpha’s Nationals Projects and My lifetime goals and its Fraternal Brotherhood. “Kids have a hole in their soul in the shape of their dad. And if a father is unwilling or unable to fill that hole, it can leave a wound that is not easily healed.” Roland Warren. At the young age of 10, I experienced this; becoming a fatherless child. Just 22 days before my 11th birthday my father was sentenced to 8 years in the Federal penitentiary. I become a “Fatherless” child. Entering middle school this was a tough adjustment. As I matriculated through middle school, I found myself suspended and trying to fill a hole in my soul to replace my father. My middle school days were something I am less than proud of. However, I think it was the perfect introduction for Alpha Phi Alpha. Throughout, high school I encountered several teachers that were apart of …show more content…

As the youngest of three, I have experience what it is like to have a strong sibling relationship. I did not understand the severity of the Brotherhood of Alpha Phi Alpha until going to a couple community events held in my city. Being around men that are so supportive and humble has been a rewarding experience. Not only has it been a rewarding experience it has giving me guidance on how to strengthen the relationship between my siblings and I. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternal bond is the next step in life I would love to achieve and

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