Personal Narrative: I Am A Haitian Immigrant

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I’m able to resonate with a plethora of things, yet the thing I consider my identity is I’m an adopted, Haitian immigrant.

I was born in Haiti in 1998, in a small village in Thomazeau, I moved to Croix-des- Bouquets right after my birth and I lived there until I was 9 years old. My family's financial situation was adequate. My mom was always able to find a way to make ends meet. This cause our neighbor to be envious of us. Therefore, we became constant targets of threats of being kidnapped or poisoned. A close family saw what was happening and decided to adopt me when I was 4 years old, and he became my dad. He was generous enough to let me stay with my biological parents after the adoption because he did not want me to get lonely. When …show more content…

I’m extremely grateful that my dad adopted me and gave me a better life! Yet, I can’t help feel like I’ve missed out on a relationship between my biological parents. Up until 9, I was extremely close to my biological father, most of my time my mom was always working, inevitably I was closer to my biological father than my mom. When I came to America, my adopted dad was a workaholic like my mother. I only got to spend time with him on Sundays. From age 9-14, I spent most of my time with a babysitter. When I was old enough, I stayed home by myself. I grew lonely, and during those times was when I missed my biological parents. Though I love my dad with all my heart, we never established the bond that I had with my biological dad. My biological father, unfortunately, passed away May of this year. I blamed myself for his death, even though I know it had nothing to do with me. I wish I had a chance to tell him that I loved him and that I truly appreciate the sacrifice of giving me up so that I can have a better opportunity in life. I also feel guilty because I don’t want my adoptive dad to see me in distress since he’s the one that’s been raising me for the last 9 years. Being adopted is one of the reasons I have to be successful in life. I want to make both of families proud. I also want to pass on the love from my family by adopting a child in the near

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