Foster Care Narrative

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The biggest memory that I had was when I was sent to foster care. It started years ago when my dad decided to drink every single day and social services didn’t think that was something kids to be around so my sister and I had to stay with my grandma for a few months. We couldn’t stay with my mom because she didn’t have a house or a job and none of her boyfriends wanted kids in their house. My mom didn’t like us staying with our grandma because she’s not a nice person to be around. After the cops showed up at my grandmas’ house, my mom kinda had custody of us. It was only a couple of months that we could stay with her though because getting to school was hard and she still didn’t have a job. After those couple of months passed, she had to tell me something. We were walking home from school and we sat down at the park and talked. She said, “You and your sister will have to go to foster care, but we made sure that you knew your guardian. You’ll be staying with Pam.” At the time I barely knew her so I was …show more content…

None of my sisters have the same dad as me and that was kinda hard for my mom having to drop us all off at three different places. My two younger sisters have the same dad and my older sister and I kinda have the same dad since he was there when she was born and her biological dad wasn't so he just treated Aiyana like she was his real daughter. Many months after we heard the news about my mom the girl who supervised was gone and we went to the doctors to find out if it was a boy or girl. Everyone was hoping it would be a boy because my mom already had four girls. We found out that it, is a boy and he would be born in the fall. Each day got better since we heard the news, but I still couldn’t be with my mom. I was never close to her, I’ve always been a daddy's girl, but going to foster care changed that. I have gotten closer to my mom and now my dad and I can’t talk about what we used to

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