Erikson's Stages Of Psychological Development Case Study

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Lord Ganesha The Applications of Erikson’s Stages of Psychological Development Trust vs. Mistrust (Birth – 1 year) When I was born in this auspicious earth the first face I saw was my parents face. I used to cry a lot and mom usually thinks I’m hungry and feeds me every time when I do so. So I got to know my mom a lot and I used to play with my dad and these two were familiar faces to me in the initial stages and I developed a trust on them, The important thing I felt in this stage was feeding and my parent’s care. As we were in a joint family I always stayed with my parents and never allowed my uncle or aunt to lift me, when they tried to do so I used to switch on my alarm that is my cry, it forced my mom to run all the way from the kitchen to take care of me. …show more content…

Mistrust- I did not trust my other family members. Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt (1-2 years) I usually call this as my crucial stage where I developed a skill of exploring things, I was so naughty in my childhood often I used to go and search something. This is the state I started learning to walk and speak few words like “Amma/Appa” . In this stage I started to develop a trust on my other family members , whenever I was hungry I used to use the word “wowo”, During that state “wowo” means food for me. The important event I learnt during that state was latrine usage. Autonomy – was forcefully trained to use toilets. Shame and doubt- When my mom made me to sit with my grandma still I run away from her and had a doubt in me , Why can’t I do

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