Comparing Erikson And Piaget's Theories Of Development

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Freud Erikson and Piaget Theories Regarding Development There were many theories that were developed regarding development so we as individuals can each understand what each theorist concluded from their opinions. Freud theory was created in 1917 and he initiated that human development was based on five stages oral, anal, phallic latency and genital. In the oral stage of this theory he suggested that infants are infatuated with their mouths because this were they get constant pleasure. In the anal stage children are paying more attention to their anus because this is where they distinguished the signals of what their body is projecting to them. Prevailing to Freud 3rd stage of development he stated that children focuses more on what their…show more content…
Autonomy vs shame and doubt, children from the ages of 1- 3 years are able to comprehend more about their self-image and self-control. Children can also control their body functions by completing certain assignments which gives them the feeling of freedom and self-governance. In Erikson’s third stage of his theory children can understand the difference between what is wrong and right in a social environment. However, children are very easily affected by their errors, and they are not able to see the extent of their actions. As indicated by Erikson 's 4th stage of psychosocial development, children in their middle school years start to perform more convoluted duties and see more perplexing thoughts at this stage. They also compare their competency against their peers as far as feeling like there above them. Some children that are not able to do well in certain areas will feel secondary to others. Identity versus identity confusion is where children progress on moving towards becoming adolescents. They frequently have higher desires on themselves. During this phase, they locate their personality and their identity as people. As they develop, they endeavor to…show more content…
Freud theory focused more on the Psychoanalytic theories which are how the body behaves from birth to adulthood, and how their behavior are driven. Erikson theories stages were an examination of psychosocial challenges. Freud and Erikson perceive the significance of the oblivious personality on human development. They both base improvement on a type of engagement. At the point when contention isn 't settled properly, suffering can happen, which can prompt psychological instability. However, Freud 's contention revolves more around sex while Erikson 's adopts the psychosocial strategy, which implies that individuals are formed by society and want to be more around others. Piaget theory focused more on Cognitive Theories. Piaget cognitive theory and Erikson theories were based of stages that portrayed how social structure impacted a person. Piaget theory was base of the cognitive process able to put their thoughts and skills together. Freud theories were driven from the Biological process because this were they pay more attention to their inner selves. In conclusion Erikson theory was developed from the Socioemotional process because in each of his stages he provided how each individual change throughout their life
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