Reflection Paper On Development Psychology

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DEVELOPMENT PSYCHOLOGY: REFLECTIVE ESSAY In life of an individual there are several developmental changes or events which occur as continuity of span of life. Some of life developmental stages include infantile, adolescence, maturity, and adulthood. These phases have biological, social, psychological and physiognomic reasons to which an individual completed the course of life. Psychological analysis upon the developmental stages include the focus on characterization, demarcation and the social interaction of individual’s life (Baltes & Schaie, 2013). Adolescence is the stage which has more potential and energetics but with all positive aspects this stage has some developmental events which need to be observe and controlled for making a normal and good personality. The concept refers to the psychological chenges which begin with puberty and end at the …show more content…

He constructed eight developmental stages depending upon sociological and psychological developmental instruments and methods. He published psychoanalytical theory of eight levels in his book entitled “The eight ages of Man” in 1950, but later on modified and expanded the theory. He has explained the term epigenetic and represented with space and time and focused on personality and behavioral influences from birth to mature nature of an individual. He also focus on the nature and its reflection due to experiences during the eight stages (Erikson, 1950). Erik Erikson's stages of development: Erik Erikson developed model for the interpretations of reflections due to experiences during eight stages in life of an individual. He constructed model based on psychosocial developmental processes, which can be viewed as; Table: Eight psychosocial crisis of Erik Erikson’s Model (Erikson, 1950) No. Psychosocial Crisis Stage Issues Virtues Distortions 1. “Trust Vs. Mistrust” Infant Feeding, sleep, comfort Hope Sensory

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