Brianna Smith Biography

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Who I am: The story of Me

I am a fifteen year old girl, named Brianna Smith, living in North Carolina. I was born in Huntington, New York on August 9, 2001 at 11:11am. Two years later my family followed after my grandparents to North Carolina. My mother, Jessica Lavadia Blanco-Smith, is a vertically challenged asian woman. On the other-hand my father, Richard William Smith, is a tall caucasian man. I also have one brother, August Scott Smith, who is older than me by approximately 4 years. My grandparents are our neighbors, so growing up I spent a lot of my time there, or with other neighbors my age. My brother and I bickered occasionally, mostly because he thought I was annoying, but for the most-part we had gotten along well. For kindergarten and first grade I had attended Franklinton Elementary School, but when starting second grade a new elementary was built, Long Mill Elementary, where I was schooled until fifth grade. …show more content…

Unbeknownst to me I had met my current best friend, Hannah Gilbert, but did not hang out with her until two years later. At the end of sixth grade I had met the first bisexual person, a girl I’ll call her Bella, she was almost if not two years older than me. During my seventh grade year a new middle school, Franklinton Middle School, was opened causing me to again transfer schools. During the summer of seventh grade I began to get closer to Hannah; we had hung out almost all summer. In the beginning of eighth grade I met a girl, I’ll call her Amanda, who changed my life in a short span of time. During my middle school years my family life had changed. My brother and my mother began to argue often; while the relationship between him and my father strengthened. I began to rely more on my

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