Elie Wiesel's Night-Personal Narrative

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Silenced Night came quickly as we headed on our way home walking through a dark, silent street. The chilly weather outside made the nights here unbearable. It was so cold I felt like an icicle( hyperbole). This was the usual weather in London. We walked down a narrow street when we caught sight of a figure lurking in the shadows. We both immediately slowed down and hid ourselves from view, so we wouldn't be spotted by the suspicious man. We knew this man very well because of the dark cloak he wore. He wore the exact same one on the night he killed our parents. Kyle and I were orphans, he was 20 and I was 15. I recall memories of both my parents who always told me to put the past behind us even when times seemed unpleasant. They…show more content…
After a couple of minutes we left and made it to our apartment. We stayed up late bringing up all the files and plans we made to kill the killer. We finally agreed on the one we would use that we both agreed on that would be efficient, effective, and painful at the same time. We made sure it looked like he killed himself, died a natural death, or went missing so that we wouldn't be arrested or charged for murder. We were going to shoot him in all the non-vital spots and when he finally begs us for death we will shoot him. I faded to sleep (metaphor) at that last thought which brought joy to my heart. The next morning I woke up drowsy from staying up late. All the same I got up and got ready, setting the stage with my brother to kill the murderer. We looked over the plans and drove to the ideal place to set up a murder scene. We worked nonstop swiftly rushing across the room setting traps that were not obvious so that we could lure the killer into our traps. We made sure we revised all the designs and checked every inch of the place to make sure there were no…show more content…
I went in silently trying not to disturb anyone so that I wouldn't be seen. Your mom and dad were outside in the backyard sitting on the swing chatting about something. I quickly went out of the house careful when shutting the door so there wouldn't be any suspicion, heading to the backyard gun in hand. Your mother was the first to realize something was wrong and when she saw me she froze not because I was pointing a gun at your father and her but it was about something else it was the moment she saw my face. I aimed at your dad targeting him when your mother stepped in and took the fall. When he looked at me he was furious but with another shot fired he died."

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