Personal Narrative: Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc.

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Fifty-two chapters, thousands of girls, timeless friendships through sisterhood, one big family. I’ve always known that I wanted to move away from home for greater opportunities and experiences. Although my parents were very optimistic about my decisions and the route I chose, it was difficult to leave home. The five-hour flight alone, the lonesome nights without my family, the horrifying first day speeches and upperclassmen, having no car to get around, and maybe the possibility of not liking your dorm roommates. It felt like the list would never end. During the first few weeks of my freshman year in college, I felt incredibly disoriented and uncomfortable. I felt reserved, shy, and afraid of what other people thought about me, which definitely …show more content…

But what they don’t know is the unforgettable lessons and benefits that it could teach you. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority Inc. taught me so much about myself in all angles. The five pillars- sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership and Asian Awareness- resonated within me, but it was the strong passion of all my sisters for each of these pillars that really drew me in. From the sorority, I’ve learned so much about networking, business and communication. Through my experience of akdphi, I’ve held many leadership positions including fundraising chair, corresponding secretary, creative director and the Greek delegate of relations. Akdphi had given me the opportunity to further my leadership skills and maintain an excellent GPA. After joining akdphi, I have been swamped by an infinite network of people who welcome you with open arms. At that time, that was exactly what I needed. This experience has played an enormous role in shaping who I am today. Because of this sorority, I’ve experienced unconditional love, became an even more resilient individual, and was awarded with the honor of being a part of such an amazing sisterhood. Although I no longer see them as much as I used to, I know that wherever we are and wherever life takes us, the bond that we have is

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