Personal Narrative: Moving To Texas

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When I was 14 I had to move to San Clemente, California. I had already recently moved temporarily to Texas while a house was made ready for us on the military base. “The house is ready!” my mother had said excitedly, after being on the phone for a few minutes. “It’s time to go back?” I had asked. She had said yes then left the room. I then had to move from Texas back to California with my mom, sister, brother, and pets. Once we arrived it was quite an adjustment, I gained an injury, a new academic program, and added responsibilities at home. I guess it didn’t have to be so hard, the move, but it was quite a difficult experience. Moving into the house was difficult because from moment one my first day at the house was bad. When I went …show more content…

Upon my return, I expected to resume going to the school’s campus and only be half online. This wasn’t what happened, however. “We live too far away now. I can’t drive you so far every day.” My mom had said when I asked her about my returning to school. This created a great rift between me and the people that had been my friends. I began trying to hang out with friends but found they were always busy while I was home reading, waiting for an adventure. I had managed to keep a few of my friends and these people are still my friends today, but first I had to deal with being solitary for a while. After I accepted the way school, and friends were going to go I only faced one obstacle. Almost my entire life changed after my move, I had a new routine, some new friends, and a new way I had to learn. It took me a while to accept that what I did every day was my life. I didn’t like it, I missed my family in Texas, and I missed my old friends. I had to grow up a little every day. At the end of it all I had dealt with a broken rib, taking care of siblings, and a new school. From that move I learned to accept and adapt to change. I learned that life is going to be messy and different. I changed for the better after the move and I wouldn’t be who I am if I

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