Reflective Essay: How Texas Roadhouse Changed My Life

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It all began after my first semester here at A&M. I was somewhat disappointed because I had hoped to meet lots of new people and make new friends but that wasn’t exactly the case. You hear how people make some of their truest and lifelong friends in college however, after my first semester I still didn’t have any friends here. It was hard because I moved here from Idaho so I was completely starting over and also because I was fairly shy. So here was my first summer in Texas and I didn’t have anyone to enjoy it with. That’s when I decided to get a job to hopefully make friends that way. I started applying for several places online and then one day I got a call from Texas Roadhouse asking if I could come in for an interview. I had no idea that very phone call was about to change my life for the better! At first I had no idea …show more content…

Throughout my time at Texas Roadhouse I have learned many life lessons. For instance how to be a team player, a restaurant doesn’t function properly if everyone isn’t doing his or her job. I have gained a great amount of patience from handling all sorts of people that I come across. I have broken out of my shell and am much more outgoing because it’s extremely hard to be shy when your job is literally talking to people. Then there are the relationships I have built. Texas Roadhouse really has become a second family to me. We have a saying which is “Once a Roadie, Always a Roadie,” which I thought was more of a joke when I first started but now I see that it is not. We are a family and I know I can count on them when I need someone. When people say that about making their truest friends in college I took it very literally but now I see it isn’t confined to just meeting people in a classroom its about the people you meet during your college years. I have made some very loyal and amazing friends because of my time at Roadhouse and I’ll never forget how it has changed my life for the

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