Esteban Rogelio Reyes Accomplishments

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I am Esteban Rogelio Reyes, and I’m in the ninth grade. About a few weeks ago you came and visited Rancho Mirage High School and gave us copies of your book, Autodidactic. That book really changed what I think about education, learning and taking responsibility into my own hands. After reading your book, I thought about who I am, my struggles and my accomplishments. I think one of the very few accomplishments I’ve made in my life include getting a perfect score of 600 on the California State Test in English or Math (I can’t remember) in fifth grade. Another accomplishment would be in band, when me and my fellow colleagues in the Wind Ensemble at James Workman Middle School performed at the SCSBOA (California School Band & Orchestration Association) …show more content…

I left friends that I’ve known since kindergarten. So when the fourth grade started, I was completely alone. I had to get to know my surroundings, try and meet new friends, and figure out how things worked around here. Then in the seventh grade, things really went downhill. That was when everything started to change. Friends became a problem, as suddenly they were getting boyfriends and girlfriends. They left me and their other friends for the ones they supposedly loved. So I lost a few friends. Then it was that year when it was a dramatic change in the standards for all classes. Common Core was introduced, and soon we were being taught stuff that was taught in the eighth grade before. My grades dropped horribly, and it was really hard to catch up. Today, it is okay for me, as I’m in classes where they take it step by step and explain in a way that we all understand, including me. I’d like to thank you for a copy of your book Autodidactic and for coming to speak to us at the Helene Galen Performing Arts Center at Rancho Mirage High School. Now after reading your book, I realized I am going to have to change if I want it make it somewhere in

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