Essay About Moving To A New Country

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Moving to a new country can be difficult sometimes. Leaving all my relatives and friends back home was the saddest thing for me. My mother told me that we were moving to a new country. At first, I thought my mother was joking about it. but little did I know that she was telling the truth. It was hard for me to tell my friends that I was leaving and going to another country.We started packing all our belongings ready to go the airport. Before going to the airport, I went to my friends and said goodbye to all of them. I told them that I was moving to the U.S. They felt sad about the news I told them. but then they told me to have a safe journey and remember one thing when you go to the states don't ever forget us that's what they told me. I told them that I will never forget them because they were the friends who i grew up with. So I left feeling sad. Tears came down my cheeks I wiped them off and pretended to be normal. When I moved to the the U.S. Everything was different It wasn't the same as …show more content…

Even though you are in a new country still it's better to know them well and get along with them. As for me I was a quiet person who never talked to any person because I was shy. And being shy can make you lose a lot of opportunities like when i was in a class when a teacher asked a question and had the answer I couldn't raise my hand and answer it. And all the presentation I did with my partner I couldn't present it because I was nervous. Later on I adopted the american way of living. Made new friends and everything became much easier for me. The moral of this story was about moving to a new country and not knowing the language and the culture. When moving to a new country It won't be the same country you were back home. Its totally different. When coming to a new country you have to adopt with the new culture. Get to know the new people learn their culture, as well teach them your own culture. Make

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