Moving Across The Border Essay

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The Move Across the Border Change is always occurring; from changes in hairstyle to changes in clothing styles. Change can happen anytime by choice or not. Sometimes change can be very good and other times not so good. In my personal situation the change was confusing and something that I never thought I would have to deal with. Change wasn’t significant until then. I was born in Windsor, Ontario Canada. My dad has worked in the United States for as long as I can remember. We always knew that his trip to work every day was long and tedious; normally we would already be in our pajamas when he got home. He would always feel too exhausted to watch some of my favorite shows like spongebob or play Uno with my sister and I before we would go to …show more content…

I told my sister to hurry up and walk faster, she was never in a rush for anything. I was looking down the street and noticed something either in my yard or the neighbors. I suddenly paused, my mind blank. As I got closer to my house I could see it said “FOR SALE”. I could see that it was placed in front of my house. It took a couple days until I was ready to confront my parents about how I felt about moving, even though they spoke to my sister and I , I still thought there was a possibility they would change their mind. Then a couple months later after they spent some weeks looking for houses my father came up to my sister and I and said, “WE FOUND A HOUSE, IT’S BEAUTIFUL, YOUR MOTHER FELL IN LOVE WITH IT WHEN SHE SAW IT!” My heart dropped, my whole body started to heat up my eyes started to swell leading the water to nearly touched my cheeks, that’s when it finally hit me that we were actually going to be moving. After many days of confusion and sadness, my parents sat us down again to make sure we were okay with it. They listened to us and promised to help make the transition as easy as possible. It was tough but I felt better and decided I just needed to prepare for the move. I decided to tell my friends. I gathered them all together at recess and told them the news. They were not too happy and some I could see were getting teary eyed. I promised to keep in touch with them. I started to think about what school would be like and if I would meet new people. Eventually we slowly started packing up our belongings and taking them to our new home. Soon we started spending weekends there, meeting the neighbors and getting to know the area. I began to feel more comfortable with the thought of

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