Arcanum Narrative

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We were driving in my mom’s car one day and my mom asked me “Dan, are you okay with moving to Tipp City”, at the time I didn’t think much of it and just said “yeah, I guess”. I’ve known for a while now that I wouldn’t live in Arcanum through high school. I just didn’t know when I would move, or where in the dayton area. We moved on June thirteenth. I hated that day, It was terrible. That also happens to be two of my best friends birthdays. That was my last day in arcanum. We were moving because my dad had retired from his band teaching job in arcanum and moved to bradford, part time. My mom wanted to be closer to work in downtown Dayton. The movers came and wrapped up all the heavy stuff and put it in their truck. I watched them without even thinking about all the good memories that I had in Arcanum like staying up all night with my friends, and specifically in that house or all of my friends that I was leaving behind. That seemed crazy to me, and it still does. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to any of my friends. I broke my arm the night before we moved in a baseball game that we ended up winning by fifteen runs with eight players for most of the game so we were in the hospital until two o'clock am the night before. I was being selfish, only thinking about my arm. I didn’t even have …show more content…

Braden, who is a student at tipp that plays basketball had a broken foot too so I watched the games with him. Arcanum beat us and all my friends bragged, I don’t blame them, I would’ve done the same thing.I haven’t seen some of my best friends from Arcanum, I’ve moved on even though I didn’t want to. I hope that I can still have my old friends from arcanum. It was so hard moving because I felt like I was leaving all of my friends behind. Maybe my old friends have moved on

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