Personal Narrative: My Day At Watkins Memorial Middle School

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In May two-thousand fifteen i completed my seventh grade year at my new school Watkins Memorial Middle school, it was my first time ever moving schools . Before i came to Watkins Memorial Middle school i went to Hamilton Township . I went there my whole life until i moved , i went to Hamilton Elementary for four years from kindergarten through third grade , then i went to Hamilton Intermediate School for three years from fourth grade through sixth grade . After sixth grade over summer break my mom enrolled me into the Southwest Licking School District at Watkins Memorial Middle School . I was nervous to move schools for the first time because i was worried about not being able to make any friends and also not liking the school . But making …show more content…

We go downtown Columbus the night before Red White and Boom and mark off the spot we want. This spot is a special spot for my dad and stepmom because it is the exact same spot where my dad proposed to her and she said yes , now our whole family gets together every year and celebrates independence day in that spot. Also every fourth of July we go to my Papa T.R’s for a celebration that he has been hosting since before i was born , there is always a carnival across the street from his house knows as the “Äshville fair” and fireworks are let off right in front of his house the Asheville 's High school football stadium. So when you lay in the grass it feels like the ashes are going to fall right on top of you , this is one of my favorite times of the year along with all the other fourth of July festivities. Also in July we had eighth grade volleyball tryouts , tryouts were three days long and on the third day the chose who made the team. I tried my best everyday to make it look like i really wanted to make the team because i did .Everyday we did different things to see what spots people were strong and weak in. Then the third day finally came and i was very nervous along with everyone else on the team to find out if we made the team or not we ended tryouts early so everyone could go into a room together and the coaches passed out letters. They talked to us about everything …show more content…

In August two-thousand fifteen i started my eighth grade year at Watkins Memorial middle school , it is the final year in the middle school which means we 're the oldest out of all three grades. With us being the oldest out of all three grades that means a lot of the sixth and seventh graders look up to us watch what we do , so we have to be good role models and set a good example so when we go to Watkins Memorial High school they will not have us here and will have to be able to continue what we started and set good examples for more kids. A couple days after eighth grade started on August twenty-third it was my thirteenth birthday, and i happy to finally be a teenager ! My mom decorated my room with a bunch of streamers and balloons everywhere while i was at school. On the balloon strings were little notes and pictures starting from when i was born until my i turned thirteen. That weekend i celebrated my party with all my friends and family at the Pataskala pool Beechwood

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