Personal Narrative: The Carolina Day Key Middle School

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The Carolina Day Key Middle School went on an overnight in September 2015 at a place called Camp Timberlake for Boys. All of us got to know each other well. On our last day a few of our canoes flipped over while on the French Broad River. One of them was Lacy, Aubrey and Mr. Flamini’s canoe. Lacy and Aubrey’s canoe flipped over when Mr. Flamini tried to clamber in. Nick, Mac and Michael 's canoe flipped over three quarters of the way down the river. The guide paddled upstream to assist them in flipping their canoe upright. Some of the group broke out in laughter. I laughed even though I didn’t notice much considering they were trying to twist it upright, and they kept dropping it and tripping on the rocks. And the entire trip, we were all having

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