Personal Narrative: A Day At Kaneland John Shields Elementary School In Sugar Grove

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When I was attending Kaneland John Shields Elementary School in Sugar Grove, everday was just the same. First we started out with Silent reading our books, and then moved onto reading with our guided reading books. Next, we would move onto writing, where some days we free wrote and others we had an assignment. After Writing we had specials, which consisted of, art, P.E, computer,and music. Then we had lunch, math,and lastly social studies and science. We were all stoked! Today, we could begin on our pasta bridges! We had been waiting almost all month and finally the day had come! It was a regular day in Miss Bergman's 4th grade class and we were preparing to find our partner, and gather our materials. My partner Sofia and I gathered our materials and moved to our designated seat to start on our project. …show more content…

"Sure," Sofia whispered excitedly. I wanted to make sure that we created a strong base for our bridge. Also, beating the group next to us came to mind, since they were always infuriating Sofia and I. The first step we did was planning what we wanted our bridge to include, and what the design would look like. We began building the base of the bridge, and making sure it could support a lot of weight. As we kept moving along on our bridge, our anticipation grew, and we began to stress out. "Ok, finish up what you're doing and please put away all of your items," Miss Bergman shouted over all of the voices. Everyone was so perturbed that we had to stop, but we all reluctantly followed her command. Science seemed to arrive slower than ever, and today we would be able to finish our

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