Personal Narrative Essay: What Happened At Sterling High

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Today was the second day of the trial. A doctor testified that Peter had been sane during the school shooting, but the doctor never encountered Peter. In my point of view, people think they know the person that Peter is, by judging only from the day of the shooting. Another doctor that testified was, Dr. King Wah. This man had several interviews with Peter and concluded that Peter had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which happened because of others continually tormenting Peter. Personally, I believe that Peter did not own all of the fault from the shooting. I think that a certain amount of his peers have responsibility of what happened at Sterling High. Unfortunately, some innocent were caught in the conflict as well. When the time came for Josie to go to the stand, she revealed something that no one knew about the day of…show more content…
Josie spoke about how her friend was screaming at her to shoot Peter with the gun, but instead she shot her friend. Josie is a brave and honest girl. She told the truth about something that she knew would get her in a grave amount of trouble. I wish that I could be more like Josie, but instead I am fragile and afraid. When I heard what she had said, I was beyond astonished. I could not understand why she would do something like that to her friend. Was it a way for Josie to tell Peter that she was on his side? Today was the last day of the trial. I just hope that after Peter saw all of the victims of the shooting, that he feels remorse for what he did. Months after the shooting, I can now accept that what my son did, actually happened. From my son’s actions, I learned that people who do evil things are not born that way. Set aside what others say, I was an amazing mother to Peter. My son was compassionate and innocent in his childhood. I believe that the people that bullied Peter for several years are the people responsible to why Peter did such a cruel
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