Comparing Peter And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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What if you're whole world was all the sudden turned upside down, and you are the only hope? Would you take action, or be a bystander in your own fate? In both stories, the characters take action, and their life is better because of it. Peter, a boy from Jumanji, and Odysseus from the Odyssey have to take quick action. Both characters have to make many sacrifices, and go through many hardships to make it home. Every second the hero's take, the harder it gets for them to reach there ultimate destination. Will Odysseus make it home before he is dethroned, and will Peter beat the game before he is sucked in forever? Peter has many trials, such as blood thirsty monkeys, treacherous floods, and packs of charging animals. Odysseus has to take on cyclopes, monsters, and even Hades. The cannibals are very similar to the flood in many ways. First, they were both very unexpected, and neither of them were prepared for the problem ahead. Second, They were not prepared for …show more content…

Cyclopes are vicious creatures, and Monkeys can create havoc on many people. They both made the characters take more time from finishing there quest. The monkeys made the cops mad at Peter, because they broke his cop car. Odysseus stabbed the cyclops eye out and he told his dad, who is Zeus. Finally, both problems faced bigger problems that will prolong due to poor decisions. Hades and the animal herd were big problems to overcome. Odysseus and his crew were the first people to ever make it through hades. They went to Hades to talk a old blind man who has lots of wisdom. Odysseus got the Zeus curse lifted from them, as long as they didn't eat the gods cattle. Which had a great gain to their journey. Peter had to survive an animal stampede, and they helped them to get closer to winning the game. It was their best role, and the animal stampede split up after awhile. Both men had a successful time getting through this

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