What Is The Hero's Journey In Book 5 Of The Odyssey

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In book five of the Oddessy , the reader can distinguish a great stage in the hero 's journey. In book five the most prevailing stage that we see a test, allies, and enemies. For example Odysseus foremost ally and mentor Athena is pleading and negotiation his fortune with the other gods. After triumphantly doing so Odysseus constructs a ship with the help of Calypso another ally and lover in order to abandon the island and recommence his journey. After setting sail we see a case of Odysseus 's enemy the god of the sea Poseidon return and disrupt the journey by producing a storm that nearly kills him. However, we see two allies come to aid one being goddess Ino who gives Odysseus a veil that will keep him safe as well Athena who rescues him from the jagged rocks. In conclusion this book five of the Oddessy we see a prime example of a hero who in the special world, encounters tests, allies, and enemies. …show more content…

This stage is crucial for epic because it sets up Odysseus for additional stages in a hero journey such as the ordeal when Odysseus is in the underworld near death, or even the reward when Odysseus is finally granted passage home by the

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