Odysseus Essays

  • The Thesis Of Odysseus

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    Homer displays the main character Odysseus, the master of his sword and the shepherd of men, with god like qualities which clouds his judgement and sense of superiority that he will never transpire to respect the other warriors through his harsh tones. After Odysseus came from the encounter he had with the beautiful witch goddess Circe,, his men are grateful to see him . His men gather around him like a master and a shepherd, his men surrounded him. Odysseus a well respected man who is admired

  • Essay On Odysseus

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    honesty, and should do things in a right way. In the video "Odysseus and the Cyclops" and The Cyclops which is written by Homer from the Close Reader, both talked about a Greek mythology. In the text, the main character called Odysseus, he leaded his crews to a secret island. In the island they met a monster in a cave called Cyclops and have a fight. Odysseus used lots of good ideas to used manpower killed Cyclops. At the end of the story, Odysseus lead his crews successfully get out of the island. Subsequently

  • Odysseus In The Odyssey

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    not deserve the loyalty he receives. In the epic poem, the epic hero Odysseus and his crewmen go through a series of trials while trying to return home from the Trojan War. They have to escape a cyclops’s cave, sail past the monsters Scylla and Charybdis, escape cannibals, and more. They get through most of the trials with the help of the gods and sometimes Odysseus, but he is not always

  • Odysseus Characteristics

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    knowledgeable hero, Odysseus, shows many of his bold characteristics in his journey back home from the Trojan War. After the Trojan war ended, he is expected to be home in Ithaca, to be the king. However, he has suffered 20 years to return home to his wife, Penelope, his son, Telemachus, and of course the kingdom he is to rule. With the absence of Odysseus, someone had to rule the kingdom, so many suitors began to offer the idea of remarriage to Penelope, to get a new king, assuming that Odysseus was already

  • Odysseus As A Hero

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    Do you think Odysseus is a hero? If yes why do you think so? I think he was an epic hero because he did many things to help his people. He, would do a lot of things he would do to defend his people and he would of died trying to die for them to. He sometimes almost gave up but he kept on trying until he went back home. Odysseus was trying to go back home to go to his family and friends and become the king again in his throne as he deserves. Odysseus was treated like a hero when he, came back from

  • Odysseus As A Hero

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    mighty Odysseus has proved himself as a hero in The Odyssey in multiple occasions. First, to be a hero I believe that bravery and cleverness are needed to perform a heroic act. There is no need for a certain superpower or strength in my opinion to become a hero. Odysseus has shown there characteristic in his twenty year Odyssey as he searches for his way back to Ithaca. First, Odysseus’ bravery, he shows his bravery by confronting massive and terrifying creature that endangered Odysseus and his

  • Characteristics Of Odysseus

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    Odysseus, the dominant leader. In Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey,” the influential leader Odysseus battle and acquired a triumph after the 10 year long Trojan War. Odysseus angers the gods with his hubris and as a result he will face many life-threatening impediments during his journey back home to Ithaca. Once returned, he had to battle over 100 men who tried to take his throne while away. Odysseus is a skillful leader as demonstrated by his strategy, persistence, and bravery traits. When overcoming

  • The Weakness Of Odysseus

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    weakness is found in the character, Odysseus, in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, translated by Robert Fitzgerald, where strength can be found within his weakness. The tale begins on the island of Ithaca, where the Grey-Eyed-Goddess, Athena, tells Telemakhos to set out on a quest to learn about his father, Odysseus, having been away for 20 years. While Telemakhos is set off on his journey, Odysseus is trapped on the island of Kalypso, lusting for his home. Odysseus then departs on a long journey in

  • Themes Of Odysseus

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    Summary: Cyclops In the story, Odysseus is still speaking to the Phaeacians, but is now telling them of his encounter with Polyphemus, the cyclops. Strong winds blew Odysseus and his men to Polyphemus’ island, where they unloaded and entered a cave that Polyphemus happened to live in. When he entered the cave, he closed the entrance with a large boulder that only he could move, trapping himself, his sheep, and Odysseus inside. After he ate some of Odysseus’ men, Odysseus devised a plan to get the cyclops

  • Is Odysseus Tragic Heros

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    cunning Greek hero Odysseus. Unlike other heroes, he relies on his wits to overcome the challenges rather than strength. Choices that Odysseus makes is what sets him apart from other heroes. Odysseus will surely, using his wits, return home before it is too late to reclaim his wife and kingdom. Odysseus makes wise and poorly considered decisions in his journey to his beloved Ithaca. He will face many challenges, but he will persevere through them. Through decisions that Odysseus makes shows traits

  • Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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    indeed, is the great Odysseus. Several distinguishing traits of Odysseus make him an epic hero, and those traits can even be found in the heroes of today’s world. Throughout the poem, Odysseus establishes traits like determination, courage, and compassion, which prove that he is a true, Homeric hero. Determination is a recognizable heroic trait that Odysseus demonstrates

  • Character Analysis Of Odysseus

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    husband of Penelope and in many eyes a hero. During the Trojan War, Odysseus was credited with the idea of constructing a massive hollow wooden horse to be seen as a peace offering to the Trojans. Little did the Trojans know that this horse housed Odysseus and others who during the late night opened the gates of Troy to let their comrades inside. After an all out slaughter of the town the war was over. It took twenty years for Odysseus to return home and along the way encountered many challenges where

  • The Odyssey: The Story Of Odysseus

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    An epic tale of gigantic proportions. A wonderous and rich story of the hero named Odysseus. The tale by Homer called the Odyssey is a moving and engaging piece of literature that depicts the adventures of our hero Odysseus. It outlines his return to Ithaca and the travels that he went through after the battles of Troy. The purpose of this is to bring light to the story and promote its wonderful history. Odysseus’ is a extremely brilliant and cunning adventurer. His first show of willpower was against

  • Why Is Odysseus A Hero

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    clever. Odysseus was considered a hero to the greeks, because not only did he exceed in all of those things but he represented them effortlessly. He did this by honoring the greek god Athena throughout his entire journey, like a hero should, and achieving glory throughout his trek. making the right choices all of the time is no simple test for a normal human. It is in humans nature to make mistakes and cave in to temptation. But the greeks didn’t care, they thought a hero should always

  • Lack Of Communication In Odysseus

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    Similarly, Odysseus doesn’t communicate any of the information given to him by Circe. Odysseus is given two choices by Circe for the first part of the journey, sail close two different rocks, Scylla or Charybdis. While it is possible for the crew to avoid misfortunes by sailing near Charybdis, avoid when she sucks down the black water, Odysseus chooses to sail near Scylla where there is no avoiding the deaths of at least six crew members (12. 99-111). Additionally, Odysseus doesn’t fully take the

  • Odysseus Crew In The Odyssey

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    In the book called The Odyssey by Homer, it mainly follows the story of a king of a village called Ithaca, hundreds of years ago-This man, is named Odysseus. Odysseus goes through many adventures after the victory of the Trojan War. However, this is where Odysseus, is not being as strong as a great war hero and a king as he should be. Although Odysseus was seen as a very strong person, physically and mentally, he lacks the appreciation and the care of his crew throughout the trials and didn’t think

  • Heroic Qualities Of Odysseus

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    and warrior by the name of Odysseus possessed a highly intellectual mind, allowing him to lead his men out of difficult situations. The courage of the son of Laertes allows him to make difficult, necessary, and beneficial decisions,

  • Odysseus: A Hero Is Not A Hero

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    with help from others. Robert Downey Jr. is still a true inspiration to young children, unlike Odysseus. Odysseus and his story ended a long time ago when mythology was famous, but he story still survives. Due to the extreme obstacles and challenges his faces, Odysseus has created a lot of controversy on whether or not he is a hero. Yet, the way he handles these challenges is immature therefore, Odysseus is not a hero because he was selfish and greedy towards the lives

  • What Is Perseverance In The Odysseus

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    Archaic Age, captures a leader’s, Odysseus, hardships and will-power to keep going. Similarly, The Martian, a film adapted from Andy Weir’s book, exhibits Watney’s strong perseverance to continue on his journey, no matter the extremity of the problems he experiences . Although both epic adventures highlight creative problem-solving and questionable decision-making, Watney’s crew shows greater loyalty because of the friendships shared. In both universal journeys, Odysseus and Watney are creative problem-solvers

  • The Odysseus Theme Themes

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    Summary: Sirens; Scylla and Charybdis: In the story, Odysseus quotes Circe, remembering her warning to him of the sirens, the six-headed, twelve-legged dog Scylla, and the massive whirlpool of Charybdis. She tells Odysseus to put wax over his men’s ears so that they do not hear the sirens, and gives Odysseus the option of doing the same or having his men tie him to the mast of the ship. She also advised him to steer clear of Charybdis and row past Scylla, where he would ultimately lose a few men