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  • Odysseus As A Hero

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    Do you think Odysseus is a hero? If yes why do you think so? I think he was an epic hero because he did many things to help his people. He, would do a lot of things he would do to defend his people and he would of died trying to die for them to. He sometimes almost gave up but he kept on trying until he went back home. Odysseus was trying to go back home to go to his family and friends and become the king again in his throne as he deserves. Odysseus was treated like a hero when he, came back from

  • Odysseus As A Hero

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    mighty Odysseus has proved himself as a hero in The Odyssey in multiple occasions. First, to be a hero I believe that bravery and cleverness are needed to perform a heroic act. There is no need for a certain superpower or strength in my opinion to become a hero. Odysseus has shown there characteristic in his twenty year Odyssey as he searches for his way back to Ithaca. First, Odysseus’ bravery, he shows his bravery by confronting massive and terrifying creature that endangered Odysseus and his

  • Odysseus Characteristics

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    Odysseus was an effective leader in battle, an amazing fighter, and he was the person who helped defeat Troy by using the wooden horse. Although everyone thought this was a heroic action by Odysseus to obtain victory, the gods were not so happy with him, especially Zeus. The gods punished Odysseus by making his journey back home difficult for him and his men. Even though Odysseus was being challenged by gods, he had traits that were of an epic hero. Also, throughout his journey he had friends and

  • Essay On Odysseus

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    honesty, and should do things in a right way. In the video "Odysseus and the Cyclops" and The Cyclops which is written by Homer from the Close Reader, both talked about a Greek mythology. In the text, the main character called Odysseus, he leaded his crews to a secret island. In the island they met a monster in a cave called Cyclops and have a fight. Odysseus used lots of good ideas to used manpower killed Cyclops. At the end of the story, Odysseus lead his crews successfully get out of the island. Subsequently

  • Odysseus A Hero

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    Odysseus: Hero or Not? A hero can be defined as a person who has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is a respectable and well-followed leader. The Odyssey chronicles the poem’s epic hero, Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca with his men. En route, he encounters many obstacles and challenges but is able to overcome them using his own military knowledge and with help from the gods. Some may argue that Odysseus is not a hero because of the assistance he receives from the

  • Odysseus Flaws

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    using for this essay is by Allen Mandelbaum. The Odyssey is about a man named Odysseus, who goes through many obstacles to reach his home, Ithaca. I think that Odysseus has human flaws, such as his pride and his curiosity, but those flaws are overridden by the fact that he is clever, wise, brave, and overall, a strong leader. All of these qualities are shown in quotes throughout Books 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, and 17. Odysseus is shown to be clever primarily in Book 9. He has just arrived on the island

  • Is Odysseus A Hero

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    with help from others. Robert Downey Jr. is still a true inspiration to young children, unlike Odysseus. Odysseus and his story ended a long time ago when mythology was famous, but he story still survives. Due to the extreme obstacles and challenges his faces, Odysseus has created a lot of controversy on whether or not he is a hero. Yet, the way he handles these challenges is immature therefore, Odysseus is not a hero because he was selfish and greedy towards the lives

  • Value Of Odysseus

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    by the actions and words of characters in book 7 is Alconous ' kindness towards Odysseus and giving him a way to return home safely. He humbly accepts him into the palace and doesn 't think anything of it. He is very kind to Odysseus when he "took the hand of Odysseus, the cunning hero, and raised him from the fireside and had him sit on a polished chair from which he asked his son Laodamas to rise" (7.177-180). Odysseus tells him that he is hungry and deserves food for all that he has been through

  • Is Odysseus A Hero

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    In the epic story the Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus is returning from the Trojan war, and on his way home he finds many obstacles ahead of him. Odysseus is the ruler of Ithaca and he is trying to return home to his land. Many creatures try and stop him from achieving his goal of returning home, but he and his crew have to push through and get home. Odysseus portrays bravery and courage leading his crew through these tough challenges. Odysseus heroically leads his crew and himself through dangerous obstacles

  • The Thesis Of Odysseus

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    Homer displays the main character Odysseus, the master of his sword and the shepherd of men, with god like qualities which clouds his judgement and sense of superiority that he will never transpire to respect the other warriors through his harsh tones. After Odysseus came from the encounter he had with the beautiful witch goddess Circe,, his men are grateful to see him . His men gather around him like a master and a shepherd, his men surrounded him. Odysseus a well respected man who is admired

  • The Weakness Of Odysseus

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    weakness is found in the character, Odysseus, in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, translated by Robert Fitzgerald, where strength can be found within his weakness. The tale begins on the island of Ithaca, where the Grey-Eyed-Goddess, Athena, tells Telemakhos to set out on a quest to learn about his father, Odysseus, having been away for 20 years. While Telemakhos is set off on his journey, Odysseus is trapped on the island of Kalypso, lusting for his home. Odysseus then departs on a long journey in

  • Odysseus: A Hero

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    unquestionably shows in the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer that Odysseus is indeed a hero. Although Odysseus shows signs of weakness along his journey returning to Ithaca, he is very heroic in many situations to save his men and attempt to return them all home. ADD SENTENCES HERE. Odysseus is undoubtedly a hero because he saves many of his men from the cyclops, he rescues his men from Circe, and he ventures into the House of Death alone. Odysseus in The Odyssey by Homer is a hero because he saved many

  • Odysseus The Sirens

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    number of sirens all facing towards Odysseus, who is tied up against a mast, in a position of attack. This could seem threatening because the sirens surround Odysseus so that he may not escape from them. The color of the sirens body is a dark color, which could symbolize how they are dangerous and powerful they are. The painting also shows all the sirens facing Odysseus with a look of anger because he is not falling into their trap as the others have done. Odysseus’ men blends with the boat so the focus

  • Advantages Of Odysseus

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    Odysseus is an admirable hero because he uses strategy instead of strength to overcome many obstacles. Odysseus is a very strong man who uses his strength to guide him along his journey. But, Odysseus is also a very intelligent man. He uses his logic to his advantages. He uses his intellect to get out of Polyphemus’s cave and deciding to rick 6 men to Scylla, instead of sacrificing everyone to Charybdis. When Odysseus’s men were trapped on the island of the cyclops’. Odysseus’s men were stuck in

  • Odysseus Obstacles

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    In the poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus wanted to make a name for himself and to have everyone know that he is a hero and wanted to always be remembered. His quest was to get home after the ten years of war in Troy, that he tried to get out of by faking he was crazy. After Achilles, the Greek champion died, Odysseus came up with an idea to get into the city and to end the war. He had the Greek army make the “Trojan Horse”, which was just a giant wooden horse that was hollow and he devised a plan to give

  • The Odysseus Is An Epic Hero

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    Trojan War, Odysseus and his men were struggling to go back to their homeland safely after what they had done to the son of Poseidon. Odysseus is an epic hero because he was a great warrior, came from a noble birth and was capable of great strength and courage. In The Odyssey, Odysseus shows that he is an epic hero because he was a great warrior. Odysseus was a great warrior, who has shown instances, for example in book 10, page 96 “But I rushed at her with my sword drawn as though

  • Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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    hates Odysseus so much. Odysseus poked out the eye of Polyphemus the cyclops, who is the son of Poseidon. This scene also shows how quick thinking and cunning Odysseus acts in stressful situations. The interaction with Polyphemus and Odysseus gives a better understanding of how Odysseus can lead his men and how his hubris affects other people. “he killed me, with my own accursed wife…”- Book 11, Line 463 2. Look at the particular interaction Odysseus has with

  • Examples Of Courage In Odysseus

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    qualities. In the movie, Odysseus shows that he is a hero by showing off his bravery and courage to defeat several monsters. He showed courage when he faced the Cyclops, when he met Lotus Eaters, and when he went back to Ithaca to see his wife. Odysseus and his men went to the cave to show the Cyclops that they are better than him. The Cyclops got angry when he got back to his cave since Odysseus and his men were eating the Cyclops’ food. It was during the night when Odysseus and his men decided to

  • Greek Hospitality In Odysseus

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    the article, “Phaeacian Hospitality for Odysseus,” he states that, ”the relationship between guest and host was a matter of greatest importance in the culture.” The author’s words do a good job at creating an underlying meaning of what Greek Hospitality is. Ancient Greeks understand that when they treat a guest with respect the guest will give them more respect in return. In addition, when Odysseus was staying on the island of the Phaeacians,”He (Odysseus) is treated courteously and generously”(Dolan)

  • Essay On Characteristics Of Odysseus

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    knowledgeable hero, Odysseus, shows many of his bold characteristics in his journey back home from the Trojan War. After the Trojan war ended, he is expected to be home in Ithaca, to be the king. However, he has suffered 20 years to return home to his wife, Penelope, his son, Telemachus, and of course the kingdom he is to rule. With the absence of Odysseus, someone had to rule the kingdom, so many suitors began to offer the idea of remarriage to Penelope, to get a new king, assuming that Odysseus was already