The Thesis Of Odysseus

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Thesis: In the novel “The Odyssey” Homer displays the main character Odysseus, the master of his sword and the shepherd of men, with god like qualities which clouds his judgement and sense of superiority that he will never transpire to respect the other warriors through his harsh tones.

After Odysseus came from the encounter he had with the beautiful witch goddess Circe,, his men are grateful to see him . His men gather around him like a master and a shepherd, his men surrounded him. Odysseus a well respected man who is admired by his men and treated as a mortal god due to his God like qualities . While his crew are stranded in the middle of a cross road without his leadership and guidance, pivoting towards all directions but incapable …show more content…

Their courageous win in the trojan war and their help for Odysseus in critical situations is downgraded to a herd of sheep gathering to their Shepard . They are not acknowledged for all their accomplishments however they are replaced with comparisons to a sheep. Conversely, Odysseus views himself as the center of his crew and the basis of his team. He trusts that his advice and his activities convey the group alone and is exclusively in charge of their prosperity . He supposes that they are can not work without him, since he is the person who salvages them when they are in threat and the saint who tidies up after their error. Much the same as how a child relies upon the nourishment of their mom, he believes that his group is Subjected to him and useless without his essence . It is as if Odysseus is the grapple that unites his team and the beacon that leads them to the direction of success. Even though , Odysseus neglects to acknowledge his men for all the times his crew battled for him and saved him from evil. When they are paddling past the island of the Sirens, whose music will charm any person to forget his home, “Perimedes and Eurylochus [jumps] up, [loops] more rope around [him], and [pulls] tight”(12.204-05). They spared Odysseus’s life, however Odysseus still considered them to be simply a group of sheep. Nonetheless , he views himself as a leader and master of these sheep and a god …show more content…

Odysseus believes that his words are final and his actions are always right and just, but he often lets his ego take over his rational thinking, causing harm to his crew and tampering with the gods’s plans. His team could have returned home safely for it is the wish of Athena and the other heavenly gods who sit next to her in Mount Olympus, but Odysseus takes it to himself to anger and blind Polyphemus, the monstrous son of Poseidon, loved by his father but hated by the people, thus sabotaging their entire plan. After being blinded by the heroine, Polyphemus throws giant pieces of rocks at Odysseus's ship, almost destroying them all at once. But instead of retreating for safety, Odysseus continues to taunt Polyphemus and “[calls] out to the cyclopes again, with [his] men hanging all over [him] begging him not to”(Book 9, 491-492). His sense of pride and arrogance makes him neglect the pleas of his men even in these dire situations. He is willing to satisfy his own sense of curiosity and pleasure without thinking of the consequences it would have on his man. Even though he is destined to escape all deaths and attacks, his team is not nearly as fortunate. Their lives are in mortal danger because Odysseus considers them as baby calves who should sacrifice their lives for him when the

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