Argumentative Essay On The Odyssey

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Odyssey Argumentative Essay Odysseus is an arrogant egotistical warrior who hardly ever takes the blame for his own actions. Since he does not take responsibility it shows his weaknesses that could be used against him if this were a war. Odysseus’s weaknesses are shown equally in the literature and the movie. In some ways the literature showed it better or explained it better than the movie did. But in some ways the movie outlined his weaknesses than the movie because it is more visual than when you are reading the story. In the Odyssey Odysseus and his men are shown defeating the Trojans. When the battle ends Odysseus stands on a pile of rocks and yells angrily at the gods. The gods reply by cursing Odysseus and his men where they will …show more content…

When they get back to the boat and Odysseus yells out to the Cyclopes his name. Which means a harder journey for Odysseus and his men because Polyphemus is Poseidon's son.In this book Odysseus shows his pride when he yells from the boat and almist gets him and his men killed. In the movie Odysseus pride is most shown when he blames her situation solely on his men. He acts extremely self centered, self righteous and all important. Odysseus does not show any respect for his men after everything they have been through. This is after the Cyclopes after they sailed away. He does not take any responsibility for what happened at the cyclopes land. Even though a mature person would have already taken responsibility for what happened. This pride of his is what got him and his men into their situation in the first place. It is obvious in the book and the movie that everything that happened could have been prevented if Odysseus would not have tried to take all the credit for the defeat of the Trojans. During the movie and the book Odysseus’s arrogance, ego, and pride get in the way of him and his men getting home. If it weren't for him they could have all made it home to Ithaca instead of just Odysseus by himself twenty years after he first left

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