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  • The Cyclops In The Odyssey

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    the Cyclops is a monster because of his key differences from mere human beings, specifically his lack of wit and of morals. Depicting these qualities as monstrous support that cleverness and a general regard for human life were heavily valued in Greek culture. Odysseus easily trick the Cyclops bragging, “I poured him another fiery bowl - three bowls I brimmed and three he drank to the last drop, the fool”(9.404-406). To describe the bowls of wine as fiery foreshadows the demise of the Cyclops. Odysseus

  • The Cyclops Research Paper

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    “The Cyclops” In “The Cyclops” there is a man, by the name of Odysseus. Him and his men end up on an island. They look around and end up in the cave of a giant, one eyed, powerful beast known as "the cyclops." The cyclops, who is named Polyphemus, is not very friendly and ends up eating two of Odysseus ' men. Before they can escape, the cyclops puts a big rock over the entrance to the door. His plan is to keep them trapped and slowly eat each one of them. Odysseus offers Polyphemus some really

  • Brief Summary Of The Cyclops In Homer's Odyssey

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    Summary: Cyclops In the story, Odysseus is still speaking to the Phaeacians, but is now telling them of his encounter with Polyphemus, the cyclops. Strong winds blew Odysseus and his men to Polyphemus’ island, where they unloaded and entered a cave that Polyphemus happened to live in. When he entered the cave, he closed the entrance with a large boulder that only he could move, trapping himself, his sheep, and Odysseus inside. After he ate some of Odysseus’ men, Odysseus devised a plan to get the

  • Analysis Of 'Odysseus And The Cyclops'

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    specialty of heroism works to gain his liberty in the story of the Cyclops. In the myth, he, a mighty adventurer, becomes a legend after he defeats a Cyclops named Polyphemus and successfully escapes from the cave. His actions impress every person in ancient Greece; therefore, he is admired by the society. The Cyclops, a mythological poem from Homer’s The Odyssey, and the video version of this myth named Odysseus and the Cyclops Part I and II emphasize that Odysseus’s ambition and bravery are the

  • The Carnesious Short Story

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    Carnesious pulls out his sword. One of the cyclops Swings his fist and misses. Carnesious stabs it in the hand. The cyclops picks him up with the sword stuck in his hand and throws him into a tree, but the armor made Carnesious feel no pain. Carnesious is mad so he takes his ax out, runs up a tree and nails the cyclops in the eye with the ax. The cyclops drops to the ground and takes out the smallest one with him. The third one he throws his ax and

  • Brawns Vs. Brains In Homer's Odyssey

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    Unfortunately, he runs into many situations that delay him from arriving home to his family. Odysseus has to outsmart a Cyclops who is a lot stronger than him physically. Odysseus has to have the mental strength to face the sirens who will try to lure him and his crew to certain death. The Trojan warrior has to outsmart the suitors who have harassed his wife and son. The Cyclops who greatly outmatches Odysseus in strength does not outsmart him in brains.

  • Odysseus As A Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

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    from the Cyclops and tried to save as many as he can. In The Odyssey, the Cyclops was eating Odysseus men, Odysseus gave him a bunch of wine to drink and then got him drunk, later that night Odysseus stabbed him in the eye and the Cyclops went blind. This shows that Odysseus is a hero because if he never stabbed him or got him drunk, he would eat them all. Also in The Odyssey, after the Cyclops being stabbed in the eye, Odysseus and his men hid under sheep to escape the cave of the Cyclops. This shows

  • The Unstoppable Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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    off the land, farming and they had their herd of sheep that they took extremely well care of. They were huge, bigger than any men they were creatures to big to be any man. Odysseus set off with his crew in search of the Cyclops. They came upon a cave where Cyclops lived. The Cyclops had gone to tend to is sheep. While Odysseus and his crew had gone inside the cave where the creature lived they took what

  • Odysseus Is An Epic Hero Essay

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    his craftiness to his advantage many times throughout the Odyssey. He always thought ahead and though outside the box to get through difficult situations. “Nohbdy, Nohbdy’s tricked me, Nohbdy’s ruined me!” (1119; bk. 9, line 17). Odysseus told the cyclops that his

  • Is Odysseus A Hero Or A Villain Analysis

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    island with many sheep on it. Odysseus then decides that it would be a good idea for the crew and himself to stay on the island to see who the ruler of the island is or who the inhabitants of the island were. Then when odysseus decides to meet the cyclops and determine whether or not

  • Ewoks Vs. Polyphemus In Homer's Odyssey

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    Polyphemus Imagine this: you land on Endor after barely escaping evil Empire and get trapped in a GIANT net, then you meet a tribe of living teddy bears, who try to cook and eat you. Or you land on an island after several days at sea, and meet a giant cyclops who then eats 6 of your crewmates and you barely escape. This is true villainy, because a villain is usually a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel; or a character in a play, novel, or the like,

  • Character Development In The Odyssey, Inferno, And Voltaire

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    In literature, a common process for the protagonist to go through is to go on a journey in order for them to develop as a character and to further the story as a whole. This idea of a character’s journey is notably seen in Homer’s The Odyssey, Dante’s Inferno, and Voltaire’s Candide. All three of these texts depict not only the protagonist going through a journey, but they also depict in very different ways these characters use their abilities to overcome obstacles in their path and learn from their

  • Diction And Imagery In Homer's Odyssey

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    Wishing to escape the cyclops’ bondage, Odysseus tries to get out of trouble and assumes that he and his men are safe by lying to the Cyclops. We can depict this through a quote found in chapter 9, “A wind from seaward served him, drove us there. We are survivors, these good men and I.” Being the heartless creature the cyclops is, he still goes on to eat Odysseus’ men, shocking them as they believed they should have gotten better treatment and a gracious greeting from the Cyclops as if they were noble

  • Odysseus: An Archetype Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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    been like that though? Odysseus has been heroic in many circumstances. He outwitted the cyclops, Polyphemus, he defeated the powers of Circe and saved his men, and he saved his men from The Sirens. Odysseus should be considered an archetype hero. Odysseus was a archetype hero in many ways, but one of his most famous moments was against Polyphemus. Odysseus and twelve of his men encountered the giant cyclops, Polyphemus, on the island of Sicily. Odysseus and his men got trapped in the cave and Polyphemus

  • Poseidon's Narrative Essay

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    was as red as a ruby. Also, his teeth were like 7 foot knives emerging out of his huge mouth. He was born with a ferocious attitude. Eventually, when he grew up he was 426 feet tall from head to toe and had an eye the size of 5 locomotives. The cyclops went by the name Boo. His dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Poseidon gave him his name because when he was a baby he tried to say blue and it sounded like Boo. He lived in a massive cave on the island Hyperia where he would

  • Why Is Hospitality Important In The Odyssey

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    might even just mess your present up way more than it already is. First, one reason that hospitality is important in The Odyssey is because it’s a Greek/Roman kind of ritual. You treat others into your home as if it was theirs. This affected the Cyclops because he acted as if the whole island and cave was his. That the people in his cave belonged to him. This ended up backfiring on himself later when Odysseus and his crew stab him in the eye with a big Olive Tree. Another, hospitality is also important

  • Odysseus Is A Bad Leader Essay

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    A great leader views the world like he is looking through 3D glasses, always seeing the depth and vibrancy of the possibilities around him. A bad leader is like a cyclops wearing an eyepatch, never able to see his mighty hand in front of his own face. In The Odyssey, Homer illustrates the journey home to Ithaca taken by Odysseus and his men. Unfortunately, Odysseus makes poor choices throughout his travels and his actions often do more harm than good. Two character traits define Odysseus and

  • Presentation Of Hospitality In Homer's Odyssey

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    One example Homer presented hospitality in the Odyssey was between Cyclops and Odysseus. The hospitality was both shown negatively and positively. In the Odyssey it was view that Odysseus showed poor hospitality in the Cyclops home. It could also be viewed that the Cyclops had poor hospitality as will. Odysseus and his men sailed to the land of the Cyclopes. When Odysseus and his men landed, Odysseus wants to find out if the Cyclops on the land behaved like “…wild savages with no sense of right

  • Odysseus Encounter With Athene In Homer's Odyssey

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    danger on his journey home. Being one step ahead of everyone else helped him to survive. For example, when he and his men are faced with having to escape the cave of the cyclops, Odysseus’ idea to blind the cyclops saves them from death; however, this action also caused a delay in his homecoming, because Poseidon—the father of the cyclops—punishes him by causing storms, thus elongating his homecoming. This is one instance in which Odysseus’ resourcefulness has ambiguous consequences, which raises the

  • The Role Of Curiosity In Homer's Odyssey

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    him because some of his men eat the Lotus, and they don’t want to leave because they got addicted to it! Likewise with having curiosity leading to bigger and worse things by the Lotus Eaters, he also shows meddling leading to worse things when the Cyclops “swung high overhead a slab of solid rock to close the cave” (900). When you are trapped inside a cave with a giant