The Mistakes Of Odysseus Guile In Homer's Odyssey

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Although Odysseus proved to have guile on the Island of the Cyclops, he made crucial mistakes. Odysseus’ first mistake was taking his men into the Cyclops cave. This brought upon a dreadful chain of events, for even Odysseus knew. In fact he said “I knew some towering brute would be upon us soon-- all outward power, a wild man, ignorant of Civility” (Homer 8). This quote states how Odysseus had already predicted that the presentence of him and his men would come down on them; but his selfishness made the lives of his men expendable. Secondly, Odysseus believing that the Cyclops would be kind to him and his men was yet another mistake. He believed that as him and his men were raised so was him, “here we stand, beholden for your help, or any

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