Odysseus Strengths And Weaknesses

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Odysseus was normally viewed as a strong, heroic figure, but those who knew him knew that there was more to him then just a hero. They knew that he could be very curious at times and almost willing to sacrifice anything to find out what he wanted to know. Along his twenty year journey away from home he encountered many different gods and monsters that faced him with trials and tribulations. Through these trials Odysseus’ strengths and weaknesses were exposed in several different ways.

One of the first monsters that Odysseus and his men encountered were the cyclops. When they got to the island of the cyclops Odysseus was very curious about the caves that he saw and wanted to get a closer look. So him and a few of his men run off from …show more content…

Odysseus had been warned before about Circe but choose not to tell his men about the drawbacks that she could face them with. When they get to the door of her “house” there is one crew member who doesn't want to go in, and name can be called by is “E”. When Odysseus found out that he didn't want to go in he nearly chopped his head off and killed him on the spot because he would not listen to Odysseus’ command. Later Odysseus and his crew, except for “E” when into Circe’s “house”. She feed them wine and rich foods every day that they were there. Odysseus’ men didn’t want to leave because all the good food keep them always coming back for more, but Odysseus didn't want to leave for another reason, Circe. After a whole year had passed Odysseus’ men came to him pleading to leave and return home. Odysseus came to his senses, finished things with Circe and they started their voyage home. What Circe revealed in Odysseus was a weakness that he has with women who aren't his wife, she proved that when things involve women especially women that he isn't married, he lets temptation get the best of him. After all the main reason he didn't want to leave was because he was attracted to

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