Similarities Between A New Hope And Circe

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Exploring The Similarities Between Circe and Star Wars: A New Hope
Written By: Aiden Mueller The Odyssey was a poem written by Homer in the early 7th century BC that features the character Circe. Circe is a spider and the fly story as Circe uses her powers to lure Odysseus and his men onto her island to transform them into animals like how a spider lures its prey into its web; when the prey tries to get out of the web they only get brought further into the web. Star Wars: A New Hope was a movie produced by George Lucas in 1977 which follows Luke Skywalker and his adventure to destroy the Rebel Alliance. It is considered A Hero’s Journey as it follows the 17 stages that Joseph Cambell deems creates a good story. Star Wars: A New Hope follows …show more content…

Both A New Hope and Circe tackle this idea of how much a bunch of tiny choices can affect a person’s life. In A New Hope, Luke Skywalker makes a lot of tiny choices which have major impacts on his life. When Luke is picking out new droids for his Aunt and Uncle they pick out C-3PO and this other droid named Red. Red has a bad motivator which causes them to instead pick R2-D2. There was a reason why the Red droid broke down because fate had to make Luke become a Jedi and R2-D2 is one of the main reasons. R2-D2 then runs away which makes Luke and C-3P0 go after him, when they go they get attacked by Tusken Raiders. They knock out Luke and then Obi-Wan Kenobi finds Luke and brings him back to his home. They then get the message that Leia gets help and the movie continues until Luke blows up the Death Star and gets rewarded for his actions. All of this was supposed to happen as fate was the one that made sure that Luke bought R2-D2 and became the Jedi to save the galaxy. Circe also deals with the idea of fate as it was fated by the gods that Odysseus would make it home to his family. Circe is part of this journey home because if Odysseus doesn’t blind Poseidon's son then Odysseus makes it home faster and doesn’t encounter Circe. The gods wanted Odysseus to find Circe to teach him about certain things to help him get home. Circe warns Odysseus …show more content…

In both A New Hope and Circe both of them accept the challenge and reach a point of no return like a fly in a spider's web. In A New Hope, Luke Skywalker receives his call to adventure when he finds Princess Leia’s message in R2-D2. He accepts it and enters the web but he tries to escape by going back to his Aunt and Uncle's place. By trying to escape the web he gets even more stuck as by meeting with Obi Won the empire came and killed his Aunt and Uncle. Now there is nothing that is keeping Luke on Tatooine as everything he loved was destroyed. The only thing he can do now is join the Rebel alliance and try to take down the empire. In the Circe story, Circe is the spider who lures unsuspecting guests into a trap to turn them into animals. When Odysseus's crew comes to Circe’s island they get lured in by her singing voice. That’s what brings them to her but, what makes Odysseus’s crew stay is all the amazing food and drinks that she is willing to supply them. When they drink the drink that she supplies the victim they turn into an animal. Odysseus goes to Circe to free his men the only difference is when Odysseus goes into the trap by drinking the drink he doesn’t become an animal. This is because Hermes gave him a special herb that mitigated the effects of the potion. This intrigues Circe and causes her to fall

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