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  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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    over 100 movies to music throughout his career, in addition, it is widely recognized as one of the best and most influential film composers of the twentieth and twenty-first century. A Williams, you 'll be credited as one of the forerunners of the new revival of "leitmotiv" in cinema, this after his fall from stardom when constantly used in the old Theme song from the golden age of Hollywood, as well as Neo Noires or the most recognized Westerns. Formerly trained in orchestration, Williams adopted

  • Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope

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    becoming a cult star as ‘the audience that outlives a star becomes able to read their final performance’ (Egan and Thomas, 2013). When people watch a star final performance they feel different about it because there will be no more from the actor/actress and it feels more personal to the viewer. Many fans put stars on a pedestal as they think that because the star is so much more talented that they are so put them out of reach. This is why a death of a star is important as it brings the star to a normal

  • Road Warrior Comparison

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    Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, known to American audiences as The Road Warrior, and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, named at the time of its release as simply Star Wars, are two very different pieces of film belonging to the genre of science fiction. The first tells the story of a man in a dystopian Australian wasteland being enlisted by a group of helpless survivors to fight against pillaging raiders; the latter tells the story of intergalactic warriors embarking on a mission to overthrow a genocidal

  • Archetypes In The Library Of Babel

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    Humanity lives life symbolically in an unexplainable way. It is through these symbols that one may get meaning out of it. For example, colors are often associated with moods such as blue for sadness and red for anger. Common sayings that relate to emotion from these colors are such as that of “feeling blue” or “red rage”. Shapes can also give the same effect, like circles associated with wedding rings to symbolize unity. Several environmental factors can have an effect on meaning and emotion. A large

  • Violence In Martin Charles Scorsese

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    “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Departed”- this is only a short list of movies which were directed by a talented Italian-American screenwriter, Martin Charles Scorsese. With more than 50 years of film directing experience, with lots of rewards, including Oskar, he remains to be one of the most influential and recognized film producers around the globe. From very young age Mr. Scorsese was very passionate about film making and at the age of 26 he already

  • Suicide Squad Character Analysis

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    After an impressive promotion campaign including trailers with classic numbers and an original soundtrack album by Skrillex, Twenty One Pilots and the like, Suicide Squad finally opened in theaters on August 5. The hype for this movie was undeniably humongous, not only because DC hardcore fanboys expected it to be the breakthrough for DCEU with a mix of humor and action, but also movie enthusiasts had been waiting for another reimagination of Joker, together with the live-action versions of other

  • Critical Analysis Of James Cameron's 'Avatar'

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    adventure that weaves together streams of powerful themes that are very important to our modern world that they even extend far beyond the world of fictional film. The film itself, can be seen as a variety of things such as, a political film about war, the effects of violence, a social commentary about environmentalism, even speciesism. This could also be seen as simply a film about what it truly means to be human, which should be

  • Sylvester Stallone Quotes From The Movie Rocky's Life

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    produce Rocky presented every obstacle, had an all-star cast, and was the greatest underdog story ever told. Stallone was and actor and screen writer, who wrote the screen play for Rocky in three days. With the main role being himself. From the beginning he was supposed to play Rocky, but Hollywood wanted a name actor to play the part. The actors that were mention in playing the part was Burt Reynolds, James Caan, and

  • The 5th Wave Essay

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    massive promotional push, with what seems like every Barnes & Noble in the world pushing it as the inevitable successor to Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. And unlike 2012’s event YA book—John Green’s justly acclaimed The Fault In Our Stars—The 5th Wave has a premise that promises at least two more books to come: There are aliens, and there is a girl, and Earth has been invaded. What next? Truth be told, there’s something almost calculated about The 5th Wave, even when it’s at its best

  • Argumentative Essay On Firefly

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    The TV show “Firefly” was a space western that aired from 2002 to 2003, and it followed the adventures of the crew of the spaceship Serenity. The show was abruptly canceled after only 14 episodes; however, since then it has turn into a cult classic. In my opinion, it was one of the greatest shows to ever air on TV. The “Firefly” universe is a fascinating and exciting place, for it is a brilliant mix of both the sci-fi and western genres. This combination of sci-fi and western may seem somewhat unusual

  • Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey

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    overwhelming will power for the adventure or an outside force puts pressure on them to complete certain tasks. Luke lived in an ordinary world on his Uncle’s moisture farm on the planet of Tatooine; he was very sheltered from the outside forces and wars that were going on around him. He never knew his biological parents or his twin sister, as his mother died while giving birth and his father, Anakin Skywalker, was a Jedi Knight for the Jedi Forces, but had slowly been seduced over to the Dark Side

  • 5th Wave Quotes

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    It seems like a foolproof plan for victory. As Cassie states, “You can’t band together to fight without trust. And without trust, there was no hope” (Yancey pg. 1). Quote: “The first rule of surviving the 4th Wave is don’t trust anyone. It doesn’t matter what they look like. The Others are very smart about that—okay, they’re smart about everything. It doesn’t matter if they look the right way

  • Furiosa Vs Imperator Fuse

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    the most visually striking movies in the whole franchise. It is a movie that was meant to go beyond its predesesor and be able to involve the audience on a trip of a lifetime. This new Mad max is better and a re-imagination of the original product with far better effects. The former policeman Max is captured by the War Boys tribe, commanded by the Immortal Joe and assigned to be a blood donor for the Wat Boy Nux that is sick. Meanwhile Imperator Furiosa drives a tank truck to collect gasoline for

  • The Seven Samurai Movies

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    " Movies are used to educate people on past events, current happenings things to happen. It is a form of communication which good writers employ their creativity skills tell a story. Some are just fictions well packaged and delivered to viewers. Choosing best movies comes with some form of difficulty as it is been said that opinion are like noses and each has one. But sometimes there is a concensus about particullar movie being the best. In the list are some of the best Japan action movies of all

  • Theme Of Friendship In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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    A theme that has permeated throughout time, and even to contemporary epics is friendship. Friendship plays a powerful role throughout the original Star Wars trilogy and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. Both of these tales involved friendships that had important implications in the story and reflected the cultures of the times in which these films were made. Whether it was a pre-existing friendship, one between their mentors, or just amongst the people the main character met in their

  • Batman Vs Superman Analysis

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    About 30 minutes into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first question that comes to your mind is: what the hell is going on? However, you don 't give up and wait for something interesting to happen in the film. Eventually, you will leave the auditorium just satisfied with the special effects of two high-budget action sequences. The idea of pitting Batman (Ben Affleck) against Superman (Henry Cavill) in a fist fight in itself is quite an ambitious task for any creators in the film-making

  • Divergent Vs Maze Runner Film Analysis

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    Movies are one of the daily routine for the movie lovers. They can spend lots of times on it. The movie genre that i had selected is science-fiction films. Science fiction films are the films that are usually drawn imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in the whole of the films. Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games and Captain America are some of the example of science fiction films. The movies that I had chosen are Divergent and Maze Runner. Divergent is the story about Tris discovers

  • Camera Techniques In Avatar

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    Science fiction has become increasingly popular over the past few years as new innovative technology has made it possible for films to become more realistic. Avatar, being one of the highest ranked sci-fi films to be made, is a clear example of how the film industry is on a fast moving track towards a new era of science fiction storytelling. James Cameron’s Avatar exercised all new forms of cinematographic tools in order to bring one’s imagination to real life. The first step after writing the

  • Heroism In Schindler's List

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    Steven Spielberg 's “Schindler’s List” is a phenomenal movie that was produced in 1993. The movie won an impressive number of awards for its cinematography and screenplay, but also its plot. The plot was based on the life and effect of Oskar Schindler. Though he had started on the side of the Nazis, Schindler became a hero for the Jews by working to save their lives. Oskar Schindler was one of the most unlikely heroes of WWII. His motivations throughout his pursuit were the defining characteristics

  • My Song Analysis

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    was my song, but it was not ruined. My pages were tattered and torn. However, my beat began to pick back up and my song fell back into harmony once again. My days became brighter and my dreams that were crushed turned into a hope. A new hope to start over and to begin a new verse in my song. I found that the pages that were written in my book were in bolder notes that stood out like a beautiful rainbow in a sky full of clouds. I lived day by day and moment to moment learning to cope with the things