Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Essays

  • John Williams's Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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    Williams, you 'll be credited as one of the forerunners of the new revival of "leitmotiv" in cinema, this after his fall from stardom when constantly used in the old Theme song from the golden age of Hollywood, as well as Neo Noires or the most recognized Westerns. Formerly trained in orchestration, Williams adopted the model Wegneriano leitmotifs and implemented it as no other had done before in George Lucas ' space opera "Star Wars." His work in the original trilogy Lucas is an immutable masterpiece

  • Seven Samurai Movie

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    always been ranked high by critics and has made a standard for itself. It is seen as one of the best remade films in cinema. " " About: Rashomon Acted in 1950, Rashamon is a Japanese movies directed by Akira Kurosawa and Kazuo Miyagawa. The movies stars Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Masayuki Mori and Machiko Kyo. Rashomon tells a story of eyewitnesses of an incident giving different accounts per their perspectives. A woodcutter sees the body of a dead samurai and reports it in panic while a priest

  • Mad Max Movie Analysis

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    the most visually striking movies in the whole franchise. It is a movie that was meant to go beyond its predesesor and be able to involve the audience on a trip of a lifetime. This new Mad max is better and a re-imagination of the original product with far better effects. The former policeman Max is captured by the War Boys tribe, commanded by the Immortal Joe and assigned to be a blood donor for the Wat Boy Nux that is sick. Meanwhile Imperator Furiosa drives a tank truck to collect gasoline for

  • Camera Techniques In Avatar

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    Science fiction has become increasingly popular over the past few years as new innovative technology has made it possible for films to become more realistic. Avatar, being one of the highest ranked sci-fi films to be made, is a clear example of how the film industry is on a fast moving track towards a new era of science fiction storytelling. James Cameron’s Avatar exercised all new forms of cinematographic tools in order to bring one’s imagination to real life. The first step after writing the

  • Advantages Of Bollywood Cinema

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    Upcoming bollywood movies to must watch: Bollywood movie is such a type of entertainment that entertains people of India as well as around the world for decades. It has gives us most precious, memorable pieces of art of all time those we can watch as many time as we want. Maybe the greatest impact of Bollywood has been on patriotism in India itself, where alongside rest of Indian film, it has gotten to be part and bundle of the 'Indian story '. In the expressions of the economist and Bollywood biographer

  • Science Fiction Film Analysis

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    Movies are one of the daily routine for the movie lovers. They can spend lots of times on it. The movie genre that i had selected is science-fiction films. Science fiction films are the films that are usually drawn imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in the whole of the films. Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games and Captain America are some of the example of science fiction films. The movies that I had chosen are Divergent and Maze Runner. Divergent is the story about Tris discovers

  • Batman Vs Superman Analysis

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    Director Zack Snyder should be appreciated for playing up the damages inflicted on the city and its inhabitants every time Superman goes to war when the existence of the earth faces a threat. In this film, Superman 's methods are questioned, he is summoned to a court hearing and his statue is defaced by victims of his actions. This sets the debate, if at all humans need a power like Superman

  • Film Analysis Of Avatar

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    has delivered a fast-paced fantasy adventure that weaves together a stream of powerful themes that are so important to our modern world that they extend far beyond the world of fictional film. The film itself, can be seen as a political film about war, the effects of violence, a social commentary about environmentalism, even speciesism. This could also be seen simply as a film about what it

  • Gravity Reflection

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    Gravity is one of the most amazing outer space films directed by Alfonso Cuaron. A miraculous intersection of art and commerce is visualized in this movie. It is a visually thrilling movie with two famous stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Visual astonishment created in this movie is such wonderful that if it needs to be fully understood we should watch it on a theatrical screen with 3D effects. Sandra Bullock and Clooney play a very essential role in this film. Rather than their acting the

  • The Characteristics Of Heroism In Schindler's List

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    refused to go along with the prevailing wind. Hitler himself proclaimed “Whoever is with me will be able to live in a great Germany. But whoever is against me will find instant death” (People of the Holocaust 1). His words show just how demanding the new party was. Schindler joined the bandwagon in 1939 for personal as well as commercial

  • Book Review: The 5th Wave By Rick Yancey

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    It seems like a foolproof plan for victory. As Cassie states, “You can’t band together to fight without trust. And without trust, there was no hope” (Yancey pg. 1). Quote: “The first rule of surviving the 4th Wave is don’t trust anyone. It doesn’t matter what they look like. The Others are very smart about that—okay, they’re smart about everything. It doesn’t matter if they look the right way

  • Essay On Values In Life

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    “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them over everything you do,” said by Elvis Presley. I have very strong beliefs, values, and opinions. Even though these are strong, life is still fluid and my experiences and education will shape how my values will change, and that is good. My values for myself shape the goals I make, based on the now, they have inspired these goals for these stages of life. During my highschool years I have learned about my values which then

  • Hollwood Vs Bollwood Analysis

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    HOLLYWOOD Vs BOLLYWOOD BIGGEST vs THE BEST T he never ending debate that which one is the best goes on but most of the people think is the competition really there or is it just a shout in the void? The story behind the indian film industry which is often termed as the biggest in the world has always been home to romantic and fictional stuff while the best in the business hollwood has been home to technical perfection and the realistic approach. . Hollywood is the movie industry which usually

  • Descriptive Essay About Dubai

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    Dubai is one exotic location that seamlessly combines tradition and ambition, as shown through its awe-inspiring skyscrapers, which look like they came out of a science fiction movie, magnificent historical structures that showcase their long-held tradition, and souqs that will take you back at a time when they are your only alternative to a shopping center. What is amazing in all these, is that modernity is not lost on traditions and vice versa. Dubai as a fascinating travel destination is an understatement

  • Difference Between Hollywood And American Cinema

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    Hollywood vs. European Cinema debate — what it 's all about? Hollywood cinema is without a doubt the most popular in the world. Hollywood films tend to be the top priority in exhibition centers and cinemas, have the biggest budgets and biggest stars, and be the best-known within any film-watching population. In turn, European films are associated with the so-called 'art cinema ' and are not as widely recognized in the world as Hollywood. Given the United States and Europe are two economic giants

  • Analysis Of The Movie Kita Kita

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    Erickson Raymundo. Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez are the main characters in the film Kita Kita. Those two people are not that idolized or famous but because of the movie that they work on a lot of people really love their love team. This new love team catch the heart or attention of every viewer. Kita Kita is the romantic-comedy story between Alessandra de Rossi plays Lea in this movie, she is a Filipina tourist guide based on Sapporo Japan. Lea looking forward to settling down her Japanese

  • Technology In The Terminator Movie

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    The Terminator franchise is certainly a catalyst to the immense increase in popularity of science fiction in films as well as technology. Special effects were really revolutionized within the Terminator movies; which sets the franchise apart from other movies. The 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, directed by James Cameron, was and continues to be a popular movie today in 2018. The terminator franchise has inspired many movies that have been created since then. Along with this influence on the

  • Short Essay On Indian Cinema

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    Indian films are categorically the most watched movies in the world. Not just talking about the billion tough audiences in India, where 12 million people go to the cinema daily, but for huge audiences beyond the Indian subcontinent and the Diaspora, in places like Russia, China, the Middle East, the Far East Egypt, Turkey and Africa. People from extremely different cultural and social worlds have great love for popular Indian cinema, and there are many who have been fans of Hindi films over

  • Tim Burton Cinematic Style Analysis

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    Do you know who’s the most successful director of all time with 21 awards and 71 nominations? Well, that’s the one and only Tim Burton, who has made at least 38 movies. Scholastic Publishing Co. Springboard says in their biography, Tim Burton: Wickedly Funny, Grotesquely Humorous argues that there are many direct sources and inspirations for Tim Burton’s films that have influenced his imagination and cinematic style. They claim by first talking about how he was influenced by his fascination with

  • The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Movie Analysis

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    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is a peculiar story about the universe and aliens. It starts out with Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect on Earth however, Earth soon gets destroyed by aliens and they have to catch a ride on a spaceship. Arthur and Ford experience many adventures together such as arriving the the Heart of Gold. Adams brings up many deeper meanings and questions while using comedy in order to describe his characters. He uses many different techniques to make the reader